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When we moved into our house two years ago I had a vision. In the blink of an eye I had completed our foyer (wallpaper, light fixture, painted trim, and upholstered our window seat bench). We stripped and re-finished the floors in the living room/dining room, decorated a little, and then…I was stumped! All the other projects were bigger, more costly, and overwhelming. Now after two years of living in our house I’m ready to pick it up again. On the list: finish the boys rooms, update the kitchen and first floor powder room, add more furniture here and there. Oh and we need new windows, HAHA! See, I told you it was overwhelming! We are trying to do the smaller projects on our own if possible (Frank started painting the bedroom hallway this weekend) so we can splurge a little on other things.

Do you pin? Recently, I’ve been spending a lot more time on Pinterest . Its really helping me hone in on what I want our home to look like and its also been a very helpful tool for conveying my vision to Frank and designer friends helping me. A few years ago I stumbled on this home makeover and it really stuck with me. I keep going back to it and now it’s become my main source of inspiration for our living room. I really went through a phase where I was uninterested in anything home related and now that I’ve experienced a spark I’m so excited to get moving! Stay tuned and follow along! I’ll be sharing updates with you via the new “AT HOME” tab on the blog under “LIFE”.


living room inspiration

I love this space because its very calming and inviting. Its also not overly feminine which is important to me.



images via One Kings Lane

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DIY: how to reuse your glass candle jar


I recently posted a picture of my bathroom cabinet and received so many messages about this repurposed candle glass for my makeup and q-tips. I’m not a huge DIY kind of girl but every once in a while I surprise myself! This one is super easy and would also look great on a nightstand, desk, or in your closet. I love repurposing glass and I always feel bad throwing it away. We’ve been using this jelly for years and I have about 20 glasses now that we use for drinking and also for the kids crayons, pens, etc. Stay turned for pics of how we use those in our playroom:)



step one

burn your amazing diptyque candle (you can use anything for this but these are my favorite aesthetically and love all the scents!)

step two

once you have burned down the candle as much as possible, scrape the remaining wax out with a bread knife. Most of it should just pop out!

step three

for the remaining wax, place the jar in the microwave for 10 seconds and wipe out with a paper towel or old towel. Repeat as needed

step four

rinse the glass with warm water and soap, et voila!





I started decorating this room in my head three years ago - a year before we found our home. I always knew I wanted a white linen sofa and I found this one on my favorite home decor site, One Kings Lane. Ours is no longer available but here is this similar style. People always ask me how I keep our sofa clean with two little boys...the short story is this room is a food free zone but as we all know accidents happen. I felt better about getting an off white linen know it was a slip cover. Luckily I haven't had to strip the whole thing yet but for spot treatments I swear by this enzyme cleaner. It really works on EVERYTHING not just pet stains. 

  • I fell in love with this polished nickel lantern for our foyer - we've had it for 2 years now and it still looks pristine!

  • I found these cane back chairs for under $150. Love the Scandinavian feel of the grey washed wood and eventually I want to move them to another room in the house and replace with custom upholstered chairs (add that to my long decor wishlist).

  • Semi-home related: I treated myself to this diffuser on a recent trip to Sag Harbor and I LOVE it. Sounds silly but every time I put it on it brings me joy. Luke recently started asking me to put it in his room at night. The same brand also makes the loveliest oils - we've been defusing Pacific!




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