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Marie Claire - How a couple making 120k a year with one child and a baby on the way are making it work, including starting their own business. I loved the breakdown here - great to see how a single-income household breaks down their monthly finances.

Vogue - Headed out East this summer? A round up of the best beauty destinations in The Hamptons. I’m planning an overnight with a couple of girlfriends in August…I definitely want to try the Shou Sugi Ban House!

goop - Goop just launched a place for the guys and its great! Just like its female counterpart, goop man covers Loved this article on creating lasting friendships as an adult - Geoffrey Greif, PhD breaks down the difference between men and women in friendships and it is SO interesting. “Men tend to have shoulder-to-shoulder friendships. Women have face-to-face friendships.”

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Sunglasses - This week I posted about my new pair of black sunnies! I looked for the longest time for the perfect pair. Since I splurged on a pair of Celine sunglasses for Christmas this year, I didn’t want to spend over $100 on black ones. Sharing some of my other tried and true styles. Not sure which shape works best for you? Check out this guide from Allure!

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summer reading - Getting back into reading books has been at the top of my list for (i’m embarrassed to say) over a year. I always use the excuse that I don’t have enough time but really what I need to do is make it a priority and squeeze it in. This past year I’ve fallen in love with podcasts because I can listen to them while I’m working. Reading requires me to put everything down - which is probably why I need it more now then ever! A few months ago I attended a live show for one of my favorite podcasts about books. Bad on Paper by Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman is hilarious and it also makes me want to curl up at night and get lost in great book. So where do I start? Check out these summer reading lists: the everygirl, Reese Witherspoon, and Bad on Paper. I’ll be sure to keep you updated when I find one I love!

makeup - Tried and true. If you follow me on Instagram you know…I’ve been working on my eyebrows for over a year now. It may sound silly but its taken that long and a commitment to leaving them alone to fix the mistakes made by my 15 year old self. No one should give a teenage girl a tweezer! Anyway, I’m finally at a place where I can style my brows and have almost achieved the full look I want. This product is amazing. Its the final step to getting bushy with it:)

w h e r e

Do you feel like you need a refresh or a change of scenery but you don’t have any plans for a vacation this summer? A couple of years ago Frank and I both had a lot going on at work and we decided it wasn’t a great time to go away. I had returned from maternity leave a few months prior and was already feeling like I needed another break. Frank suggested we make a few updates to our house instead and it ended up being just the refresh I needed at less than half the cost of a vacation. We spent the money on an outdoor table and a few accessories inside the house like lamps and throw pillows.

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what I purchased this year



JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-2.jpeg
JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-1.jpeg

tee // denim // flats // hat


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-3.jpeg


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-5.jpeg


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-7.jpeg
JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-6.jpeg


free people // turtleneck sweater

vince // cable sweater

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black sunglasses for a while now. I had a pair that I loved but lost them two years ago and I haven’t been able to find a replacement. The minute I found this pair online I had a feeling they were going to be the perfect shape for me. A touch oversized, a touch cat-eye…perfect! The best part? They’re polarized and still under $100!

I love Walmart for two reasons: they offer fashion that is both stylish and on trend while also affordable. I’ve been living in my straw bags this season. This black cross body style is great for your on-the-go lifestyle and works with both casual and dressier looks. It also comes in a pretty blush color. This dress is effortless and chic and a great neutral to take you into Fall. I can’t wait to pair it with a black leather jacket and booties in a couple of months.

On the hunt for the perfect something this summer, start your search here, with Walmart Fashion!




also loving…




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JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-14.jpeg
14 Old Westmoor Farm

14 Old Westmoor Farm

JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-5.jpeg

Last month I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We partnered with J Pepper Frazier, a premier real estate firm on Nantucket, for a dream family vacation. When we first visited the island last year, I knew I wanted to return (as soon as possible) this summer. It is truly a magical place unlike no other. If you’ve never been to the island It is at the top of my list of places to visit in the US.

JPFCO thinks of everything. They found us a home beyond our wildest dreams: walking distance to town, boy themed rooms including a playroom, and a pool setting that felt like something out of Cottages and Gardens. We all wanted to send for our things in CT and stay forever! 14 Old Westmoor, which is available for rent and for sale, is perfect if you’re traveling by yourselves, or with family. The house is divided in a way that everyone can spend quality time together and also have privacy when they want. Perfect for entertaining friends or in-laws!

This is going to be a tough vacation to beat and Luke is already asking if we can go back next week:) Sharing some of my favorite pictures from our trip below! If you have any questions about our stay please send me a note or leave a comment!


I have this thing with gates and this one was magical…

I have this thing with gates and this one was magical…


From the moment we arrived, the house was set up for family time. The current owners have three boys so Luke and Harry were over the moon when they saw the surfer themed bedroom and an amazing loft playroom filled with toys. My favorite discovery was the bucket bike. I’ll never forget riding with the boys into town for lunch and then racing back in the rain.

JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-7.jpeg
JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-21.jpeg

dress // sezane

JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-20.jpeg

While the boys were napping one afternoon I took a 30-minute soak in this incredible bathtub. It was two days into our vacation and it was great to stop and think about our time so far.


JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-6.jpeg
JPEG image-68A2EE81598C-18.jpeg
Every inch of this house is charming…

Every inch of this house is charming…


chocolate chip zucchini banana bread // the girl guide

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the everygirl - Memory loss - a symptom I was shocked to hear was related to anxiety. It makes sense though, when you’re anxious its harder to concentrate and retain or remember information. Memory is a tough one for me. Once I had the boys I prepared myself for the “mom brain” everyone warns you about. I even used the phrase when I was pregnant. Either way, in my 30’s I’ve found it much harder to sometimes “find my words” in conversation or remember the smaller things.

BBC - The best songs of 2019 so far! Little update for everyone asking for a Spotify playlist from The Girl Guide - I will share my first one next month! Right now I’ve been listening to The Civil Wars…great music for hanging out, cooking, drinking a glass of wine on the porch!

Vogue - Why you should replace your body lotion with oil. I personally hate applying lotion to my body. Its that extra step that I just don’t have time for. For some reason in my mind, throwing on a little body oil is easier. This is my favorite one right now. I also use the body wash,

w o r e

Some of the beauty products I can’t live without right now. For me summer is about minimalism and that goes for my skincare routine too. I want products that are clean, effective, travel well. These check all the boxes!

w h a t

podcast - Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not where I’m supposed to be in my life”? If so you’ll want to listen to this podcast with Stanford professor Dave Evans and the coauthor of Designing Your Life. You might discover that you’re actually exactly where you should be!

watch - I majored in Political Science and criminal justice in college. As a teenager my favorite classes were social studies and global history and I loved watching political thrillers. At ten years old I decided I wanted to become a lawyer after watching The Pelican Brief (just leave it to Julia Roberts hehe). Well that obviously didn’t happen but I do still live for historically based movies and shows. Two that I just finished and really enjoyed: The Last Czars on Netflix Chernobyl on HBO. Both will have you reaching for your phone and hitting up Wikipedia!

recipe - I recently discovered Half Baked Harvest and have fallen in love with her recipes. Pictured above is her olive oil banana and zucchini bread I made last month. Its a dense more savory take on the classic and a perfect afternoon snack or dinner dessert. Click here for her top 25 summer recipes…I’m trying the rosemary peach chicken next! PS I love that she uses a single cast iron for many of her recipes. This is the one we use.

trend - the summer blues: I’ve never been a big fan of navy but I do love a pretty cornflower blue. Here are a few pieces from one of this summer’s prettiest hue:

w h e r e

Yesterday morning we made a last minute decision to head into the city. The forecast said rain and the heat and humidity had us googling museums and other indoor attractions. We landed on The Museum of Natural History after seeing they had a new T-Rex exhibit. It was awesome! In retrospect, Harrison was a bit too young for it but it was amazing to see the other exhibits through his eyes. Luke loved it all, including a space movie in the planetarium.

This was the first 4th of July weekend that we didn’t spend in the Berkshires since my parents bought a house there in my early 20’s. I thought it would make me sad but I actually really enjoyed the change in scenery. New York City was a ghost town. The museum was actually filled with tourists also looking to escape the heat. In the afternoon we made our way downtown for some snacks and a little shopping:

Cha Cha Matcha - I love you so matcha:) I’ve been wanting to try this spot and it didn’t disappoint. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to find a curated assortment of gluten free and vegan treats. Highly recommend the matcha donut and the banana oats!

Maman Soho - Are you sick of me talking about this place yet? Its always consistent, reliable, and when you’ve got three hungry guys in your car you need a place like this! I love the hash brown salad with smoked salmon.

Milk bar - After I picked up some vegan and gluten free treats at cha cha matcha, the boys stopped here to try the cereal flavored ice-cream. Franks review: too sweet! He said it wasn’t his thing but Luke seemed to enjoy it:)

Prince Street Pizza - The line is always around the corner and now we know why! Grabbed a slice on the way home and the boys were all smiles!


How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide


How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide
How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide


How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide
How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide


On Sunday I wore this white caftan and received so many questions about the slip I paired with it. This strapless one is my go-to for all sheer dresses and its been a staple in my closet for years! I also wear it down on my hips for sheer maxi skirts.

How to style a leopard maxi dress // stephanie trotta // the girl guide
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Marie Claire - How to start a company according to female founders. This article is extremely throuogh and lays out everything you need to know about being a female entrepreneur (and bad ass). My favorite tip: (there are so many) “Don’t have it all figured out”.

Town & Country - A look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Martha’s Vineyard home. Known as Red Gate Farm, this 340-acre estate sits on the water. Stunning.

One Kings Lane Blog - A Beautiful renovation in Bellport, NY. Scroll down for the most amazing gallery wall inspiration. I will 100% be trying to recreate this one day!


What I wore in Nantucket…


recipe - I was standing in the produce aisle of Whole Foods last week staring at all the vegetables….”If I only knew how to cook you I thought to myself”. I’s always so intimidated! I grabbed my broccoli and carrots and kept shopping. Somehow goop always comes to my rescue! Love their new guide to plant based grilling.

parenting - My Dad sent this article to my sister and me. Sometime in early November she’ll be introducing her new baby girl to Dexter, their two year old bernedoodle. I’ll never forget the day we brought Luke home. I’ll admit the age old let the dog sniff the babies blanket was our only plan. I can still see Henry peering over the pack-and-play so interested in our newest addition.

wardrobe malfunction - An important part of being a stylist is ensuring my clients always look their best. Sometimes what’s under their clothes can be just as important. Love this roundup of the best low back bras for backless dresses. I’ve tried SO many strapless bras and this is by far my favorite one.

ASOS - Shopping on this site can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. I usually start my search by using keywords like “broderie anglaise” and “crochet”. Here is a roundup of my favorites right now:

w h e r e

I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve partnered with BeautyCounter. This is our second summer using countersun and not only would I never use another sunblock on my family, I’m so thankful that a product like this exists! I’m sure you’ve heard this message before: there are over 1,400 chemicals, harsh and harmful ingredients that are banned in the European Union but not in the United States. Beauty Counter is committed to clean beauty and to honestly communicating to the world what they put in their products. We have a sunscreen stick in the kids backpack, my purse, and in our cars. NEVER without it! I haven’t tried any of the other BC products yet but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the sunscreen. Stay tuned for more on this partnership! Tried a BC product and love it? Send me a note, I would love to hear from you!




shirt // shorts // sandals (similar budget friendly) // necklace // sunglasses

look two

shirt // jeans (similar) under 100 here // beaded scarf necklace (similar same brand) // sneakers // bag

look three

shirt // silk tank // silk pants // shoes (similar)




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Harper’s Bazaar - Why your Instagram needs a makeunder in 2019. Things are looking up for a neutral lover like me {insert laughing emoji here}!

Moda Operandi - Looking for getaway inspo? Love this his and hers packing guide including the top three lesser known island escapes.

Vogue - Are you a rosé drinker? If so you’ll want to check this roundup of the newest (and weirdest) ones for summer!

w o r e

A little preview of what’s in my bag for Nantucket….

w h a t

recipe - In the summer I try really hard to avoid the oven and I’m always on the hunt for one pot side dish recipes. I made this one during the week and it was a hit! Instead of roasting the butternut squash in the oven I did it on the grill. For dinner I serves the salad with grilled chicken and had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. Big fan of Ina over here:)

storage bags - About a year ago I stopped using ziplock bags. They felt so wasteful and For marinades I always use a bowl and cover in plastic wrap. I just found this reusable storage bag

under 100 - H&M’s new home collection arrivals. It wasn’t until our trip last August to Belgium that I realized what a gem H&M home is. One of my Aunt’s insider tips was this linen duvet. She had it in all of her bedrooms at the beach and said its was better quality than the more expensive alternatives. Ordering it was of course one of the first things I did when we got home! We’ve had it since September, wash it every week, and there is still no sign of wear.

w h e r e

I pin everyday. Well almost everyday…I’ve talked about it before but I kind of “rediscovered” Pinterest late last year and since then it has been a tremendous source of inspiration. It does too things for me: helps me keep my thoughts together and all in one place, is an easy platform that I can use from anywhere and after only 15min I feel like I just skimmed my favorite fashion magazine. My tip for navigating the millions (maybe billions) of photos? Before you get started create sections for yourself and divide them into areas you want to focus on.

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look one

t-shirt // shorts

look two

t-shirt // shorts // sandals less expensive here // sweater // bag

look three

dress // sandals // earrings // bag

look four

blouse // jeans // sandals // scrunchie // bag

look five

top (similar) and here // shorts // sandals // sunglasses // denim jacket (similar)

pack for nantucket

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Dr. Sarah Dolder

Dr. Sarah Dolder


Last week I hosted a dinner celebrating the arrival of Dr. Sarah Dolder and her practice, Greenwich Point Dermatology, to Greenwich, CT. I first posted about Dr. Dolder here when we originally met. Then, our discussion was about skin cancer and taking steps to protect yourself from the sun. Last week we brought a group of influencers together to discuss another favorite topic of mine: the connection between what you eat and how it effects your skin. The tables were set with beautifully curated florals by Stems + Co including hand made flower crowns. After the discussion, guests were served a colorful, deliciously organic, and locally sourced communal dinner by Poppy’s Catering in Brooklyn, NY. I loved working with GPD on this event and if you’re local, highly recommend popping in to say hi to Dr. Dolder or her Office Manager Dani!




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Tiere Hessert, Founder of The Mama Collective

Tiere Hessert, Founder of The Mama Collective

Liz Joy, Founder of Pure Joy Home

Liz Joy, Founder of Pure Joy Home

Liz Ariola, Founder of Mrs. Nipple

Liz Ariola, Founder of Mrs. Nipple

Emily Watson, Dr. Dolder, Danielle (Dani) Benitez

Emily Watson, Dr. Dolder, Danielle (Dani) Benitez

place cards // Bespoke Designs

linen gift bags // Christen Maxwell



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K E E P , P U R G E , S E L L , C O N S I G N , D O N A T E

The first step in any new closet organization is determining what my client wants to keep and what they want to purge. I start by discussing what they want to achieve with their wardrobe - their style currently, what they would like it to be (if different), and what they feel is missing. The idea is not to get rid of everything. Ultimately I want to help my clients fall in love with their closets again and create a curated wardrobe with what they already have before we add anything new.

As we go through the closet I remove the pieces we want to purge and separate them into piles: items to sell, items that need alterations, and items to donate. Once the entire closet is cleaned and organized by category its time to divide the “sell” pile.

This is my method

  1. Designer Handbags: submit a quote to Fashionphile, they offer a “buy it out” option which is immediate cash. Their prices are VERY fair. If we don’t love the quote I determine whether Tradesy or The Real Real is the best route depending on the client’s timeline. If you’re selling any Hermes handbags PLEASE research all of your options before making a decision.

  2. High Value Clothing and Shoes: This is not the same for everyone. Its important for me to understand my client’s timeline. If they want to sell items quickly The Real Real is the best route. If they want to make more money and are willing to wait, Tradesy is the best route. Why? Tradesy offers users a higher commission rate and you can set your own price.

  3. Clothing not accepted by The Real Real: There are many designers that are not accepted on TRR. For brands like Jcrew, Zara, Banana Republic etc. I advise clients to use a local consignment shop or Tradesy if they have the time to upload. The issue with selling these items online is you might make the same or less than a consignment shop and will end up spending far more time. Also, once we do a big purge client’s usually want items to leave their home as soon as possible.




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Vogue - Selby Drummond’s stunning island wedding That dress! The v detailing reminds me of this top. Did you know we originally planned to have our wedding in St. Thomas? We later decided that it would be too much travel for my family coming from Europe. Love an island wedding though!

Camille Styles - 15 fun ideas for hobbies to try this summer! Personally I’m working on meditation and growing my own herbs!

Travel & Leisure - Check out where the editors from this top travel publication are going on vacation. Looks like we’re adding Africa to our list!

w o r e

Last week was a busy one! On Wednesday evening I wore a dress by D’ascoli, a new to me designer from India. Their collections are all made by hand of globally inspired patterns and fabrics. This dress wasn't inexpensive but felt like something I could wear year after year to dinner parties, school functions, and casually during the day or at night on vacation.

w h a t

recipe - Hummus is one of the easiest things to make. I usually will make a batch on Sunday nights for us to pick on throughout the week, or prepare it when we’re expecting guests. My favorite brand of chickpeas is Fig Foods. you can purchase them from Whole Foods or online here. The recipe is super simple: drain chickpeas and reserve 1/2 cup of the liquid. Add peas, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/2 liquid, 1/2 cup of organic tahini, juice from 1 lemon, 1/2 clove of garlic minced, and blend. VOILA!

podcast - I was recently introduced to The Art of Gathering and Priya Parker by my friend and founder of The Mama Collective, Tiere Hessert. More on her Tiere’s amazing group coming soon. I’ve been fascinated by Priya’s thoughts on the complexities of creating meaningful gatherings. In this podcast, she discusses what the real focus of a dinner should be, people. She puts down the idea that being a cool and laid back host is good for your guests and instead suggests that you should work to encourage meaningful connections. I recently hosted event and found myself critiquing it shortly after and asking these three questions: ““Why are we coming together, what do we care about, and how do we focus the light on that?” 

trend - high-rise bikini bottoms. I for one love this look. I can’t wait to show you guys the suit I bought for our upcoming trip to Nantucket. I think there is something so classic and timeless about this style and its also comfortable.

w h e r e

Recently I’ve been thinking more about anti-aging practices and taking preventative measures to age more gracefully. I don’t want to try injectables right now. I have absolutely not judgement for those who do it, and maybe one day I will, but for now I’m interested in needle-less options. When I heard about the indiglo facial at a local acupuncturist Indigo Acupuncture I instantly wanted to try it. It is a combination of needles (accupuncture), gua sha, jade roller, and cupping. Not only did it feel heavenly but my face had absolutely “lifted”. I started to see results instantly but looked the best after 24 hrs. Sarah sent me home with this kit so I could continue the rituals on my own. I highly recommend putting the roller in the fridge and using it for reducing morning puffiness.

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Happy Friday everyone! Doing a quick roundup of my favorite sandals for summer. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve the look you want but I always suggest investing in a great pair of neutral leather sandals that you can leave year after year. Here is a link to the raffia ones from Zara. And here are my favorite white sneakers! I’ve talked about them a lot here but they truly are so comfortable and machine washable:) Great plane shoe!



n a t u r a l

b l a c k

u n d e r 1 0 0

10 everyday ways to help the environment



Wash your clothes in cold water - When you wash synthetic fibers in hot temperatures they break up and end up in nature. 1. Try to avoid purchasing synthetic fibers 2. Wash clothing at a temperature less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Around 90% of the energy to wash clothes comes from heating the water.

Avoid single use plastics and straws - At this point we’ve probably all watched the horrifying video of the turtle having a straw pulled out of its nostril. We know plastic straws are bad for the oceans and sit in landfills forever. Do your best here friends! More and more restaurants and coffee shops are offering plastics alternatives or sip lids. I love these glass ones at home.

Turn off the water - Have you ever started brushing your teeth and let the water run in between rinses or until you’re finished? We’re all probably a little guilty of this (especially our little ones!). Water is a precious resource and creating good habits at home like reducing water usage can have a positive impact on the planet and on your bills!

Use reusable bags - If i’m being honest, this is always the hardest one for me. I used to always forget to put my bags back in the car after a grocery run or I would forget them in the car when I went into the store only to realize while on line to pay. Now I leave smaller zip pouches like this one in my bigger totes and also on the side of my car door to remind myself.

Eat less meat - Ok this does sound a little extreme but if we all ate meat just one night a week less, we could make a significant impact. According to the New York Times, “In the United States, 42 percent of agricultural emissions come from animal agriculture.”

Recycle old batteries - According to the EPA they contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel.” You should never just throw them away with the rest of the trash. Instead, head to your local Best Buy or PC Richards and drop them in one of their recycling bins.

Carry a reusable cup - When I’m around town running errands or working in a coffee shop, I carry a glass mason jar with me. I’m so used to it now that if I forget it I’ll likely go home if I have the time. Here is the one I have that comes with a reusable straw.

Clean with eco-friendly products - This was a change we made when we had Luke and its gradually become better and better. I also recommend the think dirty app to check your products. I’ve had to say goodbye to some of my favorites over the years because of this app!

Say no to non-disposable takeout - Ordering takeout or delivery that you’re eating at home? Let the restaurant know that you won’t be needing things like plastic utensils and paper napkins!

if you’re feeling adventurous…

Start a compost - About two months ago I started adding old coffee grinds and eggshells to our rose bushes. They’ve never looked better and it got me thinking…adding composted food back into our soil can help not only the environment but our garden too! When I started looking into it I was really surprised by what you could add to the pile. Everything from fruit and vegetables, to tea bags and cotton rags. Even hair! Here is a helpful list of what you can and cannot compost.

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w h o

the stripe - I’ve been wanted to try the Summer Friday's masks for a while and loved this review by Grace Atwood. Love her makeup/beauty reviews in general!

the everygirl - What to expect when you see an FA for the first time. Love this site for quick tips and advice on everything from parenting tips to decor advice. Also experts say you should start investing right after graduation! I wish I had!

w o r e

This week was beautiful in CT. We had a few over 80 degree days which I’m not complaining about! I was in a dress mood (surprise!) and gave my shorts and denim a rest for most of the week.

w h a t

recipe - On stories this week I shared how I make my iced tea at home. Don’t ask me why but I used to get overwhelmed making it myself and I realized it was because I didn’t have the right tools. Also it never came out quite right (watered down, or not enough flavor). These tea bags made specifically for iced tea make it really easy. Follow the directions on the back of the tin for the perfect cup:) This is the pitcher I use. Its tall and thin making it ideal for the refrigerator door.

reuse - I recently discovered these reusable coffee mugs from porter and am hooked. I ended up gifting them to a few of Luke’s teachers this year. They’re so soft, easy to clean, and they fit in my car cupholder! Not to mention they come in the prettiest pastel colors.

trending - button-up dresses and jumpsuits. Nursing women everywhere should be super excited about one of this summer’s hottest trends. I love this style because it can easily be worn in a conservative office environment, or with sandals headed to the beach. Here’s a style for under $30.

w h e r e

With the world at our fingertips and everything we could ever need or want just a click away, “the experience” has never been more valuable. The idea that human contact could one day be a commodity is becoming more true every day. When I walk into a coffee shop I‘m not just looking for a good cup of tea. I want it all - a setting that makes me reach for my phone to take a picture, a smiling barista inviting me in, an eclectic mix of locally sourced or homemade treats, and an overall buzz. If I have my kids with me that adds an additional list of pre-recs.

MAMAN in Soho, NYC checks all of these boxes. If you’re someone who also looks for “the experience” and lives in New York or you find yourself passing through, its a sure thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. People ask me how I worked in retail for so long and I always say, “It was because of the people”. I love creating a moment for someone and adding value to their day. Who knows….maybe I’ll open a coffee shop one day! :)

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summer blouses

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summer Inso // the girl guide // stephanie trotta


“west coast beach in a bottle”


“We have belly baskets all over our house. The easiest way to clean up a room quickly!”


“One of my favorite things to change seasonally…..”



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Stephanie Trotta at home in gray foyer // gray wallpaper // window seat

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n

w h o

Camille Styles - How to identify your side hustle? READ

Happily Eva After - Five big reasons this NYC born and raised beauty appreciates the suburbs READ

Studio McGee - Summer home inspiration from one of my favorite design teams. If you’re not familiar with their work or their shop, get ready to add to your wishlist! READ

w o r e

This was a short week and I kept my wardrobe on the more casual side during the day mostly wearing shorts and denim. One Thursday I had a luncheon and wore this dress and also wore dresses on Friday and Saturday for events.

w h a t

podcast - I thought this podcast was fascinating. In it, Elise Loehnen from goop interviews Aposotols Lekkos M.D., a doctor trained in emergency medicine with a Santa Monica based practice specializing in functional medicine. Dr Lekkos looks at the whole patient, including a deep dive into family history, and how one deals with stress. He creates restorative treatment plans focused more on supplements and non traditional remedies such as acupuncture and less on “medicine”. He offers some great tips and makes shocking correlations between diet and disease.

song - This song has been playing on repeat in our house this week. If you follow me on Instagram you may have witnessed my not so well executed lip-synch performance on stories:)

recipe - My favorite condiment for burgers - mix soy free veganaise + siracha + S & P - I made this shrimp burger on Thursday night and it was delicious! Frank is allergic to shellfish so I swapped the shrimp for salmon and used GF buns. Can’t find wakame (seaweed salad) at your local grocery store? Try the fish market!

trend - My best friend Virginia has been telling me about enneagrams for a couple of years now. Finding your “number” (there are nine) can be an essential step towards understanding yourself, achieving success at work, and creating balance and harmony at home. This article breaks down the enneagram basics and what it means for you.

w h e r e

We’re heading to Nantucket on a family vacation at the end of the month and I’m so excited! Last year was our first time on the island and it was love at first breath. I say breathe because the island is not only beautiful but it smells incredible too. We were only there for 3 days but it felt like a week. Here is a weekend recap and photos from that trip. This year we’ll be staying in a different rental which is also walking distance or a short bicycle ride to town. Everyone has something on their list: a trip to Cisco Brewery, strawberry picking at Bartlett Farm, and many trips to Lemon Press. Heading to the island? Check out my friend Mackenzie’s super local guide.

s h o p t h e p o s t

Posted on June 2, 2019 .