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Happy almost holiday weekend! I'm having a small pity part for myself over here this week. I just found out yesterday that I need to have one of my wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible (the pain has not been fun!) and our Memorial Day trip has been cancelled because of some pretty bad weather on its way to Florida. I definitely had a why me? moment which I now feel guilty about because its just a trip and its not the end of the world. SO we will be hanging at home and I'm trying to figure out something special to do for Frank this Saturday night for our 6 year wedding anniversary:)

PS Rounded up some of my fav pieces from the SHOPBOP Spring sale. If you feel like you haven't shopped a ton yet for summer because the weather hasn't been great, now is your chance!



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Sometimes it can be really tough getting dressed for work, especially if your office environment is conservative. I help women all the time with this issue and I always like to start with a good blouse. Pants are important too but beyond making sure they fit well, they're not as exciting if you can't stray from black or navy. For me this blouse has all the bells and whistles - a row of buttons, bell sleeves, and feminine cuffs. It can also easily be paired with a beautiful earring and tucked into a skirt for an after hours cocktail or datenight. Call it a twist on your classic white (or black) blouse!

  • This caftan is the perfect pice to pack for your beach trip. I always like to stuff one in my carry-on or even my purse just in case something happens to my luggage!
  • My favorite straw tote is ON SALE!!!!
  • I've had my eye on these since last year. Here is a similar style in black - so chic.
  • The only cardigan you'll ever have to buy!
  • I have the dress version of the this white top. Anything with a pom pom and I'm sold:)



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I hope everyone had a great week! I think the Trotta house has a cold. Is that even possible? Its almost June! We will be spending the weekend finishing up our spring cleaning and doing some much needed DIY projects around the house. Can't wait to share with you guys:)

It hasn't exactly been brunch weather in Connecticut but I was inspired by my upcoming trip to Florida and specifically this DRESS!!! This is a new designer for me and I loved a couple pieces I saw including this dress. All their designs look so effortlessly chic and vacation friendly. Raffia is a huge trend this season and not just in handbags. I found this splurge pair of mules and this budget friendly style. 


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I wasn't always this way! My first flight was when I was two months old. If you've followed me for a little while you know my dad is American and my mom is Belgian. My mom moved here when she was 23 after meeting my dad on a chance trip to Italy...such a romantic story which I will save for another time! I still think about it and can't believe she raised two girls with ZERO family around. I digress.. So every summer until my 20's we would go back to Belgium to see her side of the family (dad, sister, two brothers, and lots and lots of cousins). I LOVED it! Sometimes I felt more at home there than I did in NY. My sister and I traveled, went to camp, the beach, it was basically like we lived there for the summer. 

I can't remember if we were flying to or returning home from Europe but when I was about seven years old I became violently ill while on an airplane. It must have been a virus or food poisoning and it was BAD. The incident left me traumatized and scarred. My phobia didn't happen overnight but by the next few flights I had a full blown fear of flying. My fear wasn't that something would happen to the plane...it was more the out of control feeling and being afraid of getting sick while up in the air with nowhere to go. It seems crazy now as I type it but for me the anxiety was so real. By my teenage years I dreaded going to Belgium because I hated flying so much. I would have rather given up my favorite place on earth if it meant not getting on a plane. Luckily my parents didn't let that happen and until college they forced me fly. Panic attacks and all. After college my husband inherited the problem! I even tried flight simulation therapy for people with flying phobias. Just the noise triggered me! Finally I tried a more holistic approach and didn't focus as much on the plane itself but more on the side effects of my anxiety: nervousness, heart palpitations, sweating. Now through breathing excercises and essential oils my fear has become manageable. Its not gone! But I've become much better at dealing with it. This summer we're headed back to Belgium with both kids and I know I'll have to be strong especially for Luke who notices everything. Wish me luck!



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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I learned that patience is a VIRTUE after 3+ days with the kiddos sans Frank. I feel like a wimp/failure admitting it but its HARD. Especially when you're not used to being home all the time. Personally, my thought has always been that going to work is easier but I guess its just about what you're used to. And I'm a doer...even though I know I set myself up for crying and meltdowns taking my kids out to lunch at 2pm when they should be napping...we end up having a great time. Sure I'm exhausted today but it was all worth it. At the end of this month I'll be leaving my "corporate" job for something much more flexible (working for myself 100%) but even more challenging. I'm not sure if thill will make me a much more scheduled mom but I have a feeling it will. We shall see!!

I recently received these gorgeous earrings from Hart Haggerty and loved them instantly. I have the beach topknots and love the color. The quality is great and I was shocked when say that they were $58! Since my style is usually pretty classic and simple, I'm always adding a statement earring for a little extra. Whether you're wearing a maxi dress or just a white tee and jeans, a chic earring is the perfect addition for the season. 




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I recently helped a client pack for my dream vacation! She had never been to Europe and was heading to France for her 40th birthday with her husband and a few friends. She needed two different looks: sightseeing and "beaching". When she asked me if I would help her style this trip I couldn't hold back my excitement. Seriously I was giddy! Its a stylists dream. I pictured her visiting museums in Paris and trapping around flea markets in the cote d' Azur. (Frank if you're reading this, TAKE NOTES!) 

One of my go-to's for vacation styling are jumpsuits. I loved this one because it had a riviera feel, was a great price, and could be worn from day to night without having to change at the hotel. A dressier pair of shorts are also ideal for long days. Also LOVE this effortless day dress. Its been 5+ years since I've traveled overseas which seems crazy to think about since I grew up going to Belgium every summer. BUT this summer we're going back! Frank and I decided to take the kids (EEEK need pointers for a 8.5hr flight with 2 young children) and I can't wait for the boys to meet all of their cousins and family in Belgium. 



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I love wearing dresses! My Summer style is a little more boho than my Fall/Winter and I love this "prairie" chic look. This style and fabric is also super packable and a great style for vacation that you can dress up or down. I like to throw a fancier shoe in my bag along with a pair of earrings that will take my look to dinner after a day of sightseeing, shopping, etc. 

  • I love this blush style and the embroidery makes it feminine and pretty but still casual 
  • This white splurge one is a DREAM!




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I hope everyone had a great weekend! We finally had some beautiful weather last week and Friday and Saturday were perfect! Last Monday I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized I hadn't planned anything for Harrison's 1st birthday. I know everyone says he's only a baby and doesn't realize or remember if he had a party or not but I do...and the mom guilt was in full force! So I ended up inviting family over on Saturday for a last minute birthday lunch and we had the best time! It wasn't "perfect" (I showed up 15 minutes after everyone had arrived to our house with 6 grocery bags and nothing prepared) but in the end the kids had a great time with their cousins and we'll all remember a delicious lunch on a sunny day! 

I will say that this past year has flown by. I was struck with a sense of sadness when I realized that we would no longer have a baby in the house. Right now we're not planning on having a third child so this week was definitely a reminder to live in the moment....something I'm always striving to get better at! 



TOP - LOVESHACKFANCY (similar here)




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Its almost Mother's Day! Last year on Mother's Day Harrison was only a few weeks old so I felt a little out of it. This year Frank has a wedding to go to (who schedules their wedding on Mother's Day weekend!) so I'll be solo. But no matter what just to have the day off to spend with the boys will be fun...thinking of going to one of my favorite kid-friendly places, Terrain

  • This wand has been on my list for the last year! Lately I've been finding myself styling my hair more for photoshoots and nights out and I feel like my drugstore $25.99 iron may be damaging my hair? This one has become a cult favorite among bloggers and fashion
  • I loves platters, serving trays, and bowls as gifts. They're something I almost never buy for myself but I am always needing more of. Its also so nice to be reminded of someone overtime I take one out that was a gift
  • These sandals! I received them last Mother's Day and they're so comfortable!



SHOP Mother's Day 

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I don't wear a ton of jewelry and I like to keep my accessories simple. Small diamond studs most days and when I do wear earrings I like them to make a statement. I RARELY wear a necklace and the same rules apply for when I do. I first discovered Mignonne Gavigan five years ago at a trunk show in NYC and fell in love! I thought it was such a cool concept - a scarf thats beaded and therefore also a necklace - perfect! I know I always talk about wearing something casual and also dressy but we are all so busy these days and there is something to be said for not changing! When I shot this look on Friday afternoon I was running errands after and picking up Luke from school. I never had time to change before heading off to a benefit that night and I love the way this necklace completed my look (changed out the pants for jeans because it was raining). 

Adding a few more favorites below! 





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UNDER $100


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Its raining in CT and its nap time which means I'm getting lots of work done! I was due for an under 100 post and loved making this one because there are so many pretty (and well priced) things out there right now. 

  • I haven't seen these dress pants in person but I LOVE the look of them! Perfect to pair with a silk top going out or even a t-shirt and a statement earring
  • The perfect little black dress for summer for under 100 - I love this one because its great for a trip into the city...flats during the day and pack a heel to change into at night
  • Again, not sure of the quality (but this brand surprises me!) but I love this tank...color and the lace detail:)
  • This dressy t-shirt is so elegant! 
  • I recently ordered this robe! Love the weight of it for the spring/summer. Look out for an update on it in my Instagram stories!




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When I begin working with a new client we almost always start with their closet. No matter how much you have or how organized you are, a good stylist should always roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty so to speak. For most people its incredibly hard to part with things (myself included) especially when it comes to clothes...and there is always a story! "I bought this for when I go on date nights but now its too tight...but when I lose 5lbs I'll start wearing again". "I need to keep this dress in case I get invited to a party that is business casual but you can't wear black". We all create excuses and thats where getting a second opinion can come in real handy.

So what happens after you've done that? You're staring at three piles: sell, donate, toss...now what do you do? After many years of helping clients through the process I'm outlining my favorites below. Truth be told (unless you have something that has increased in value) you should prepare yourself for some disappointment. Online consignment has its pluses and minuses. Plus: you have a much greater chance of selling your item and selling it faster. Minus: These websites know what people are willing to pay and they also want to sell your item fast so their perceived value for you gently used Prada loafers might be less than yours. Insider tip: you set the price! Many online sites and apps let you set the price especially if its a designer handbag. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with. Finally, enjoy it! You just gave yourself a fresh start and hopefully some cash to save or spend!





Hands down my favorite site for selling a designer handbag is a California-based company called Fashionphile. I have used them countless times and have had the same positive experience every time. Why I like them: selling a bag is SO easy. You upload pics of your bag to their website and they turn around a quote within a week. The best part? They offer a "buy out" price and a consign price! If you select buy out you receive a check directly after they receive the bag. Their pricing is very competitive and they have excellent customer service. Fashionphile rejects your handbag? Any of the other sites mentioned below can be used but this is the first choice! 




The Real Real is a great destination for selling your gently worn clothing. They have a list of approved designers on their website (make sure you check it because its always changing) and they provide you with a dashboard so you can track your sales and commissions. If you want to sell something quickly and aren't married to a specific price (or don't care how much you sell it for) this is the place. I'm always up front about that with clients because I have been disappointed. Commission starts at 55% and once you sell $1,500 it goes to 60% and once you sell $10,000 it will go to 70% for two years. PS they take jewelry!

Tradesy if you don't mind doing a little more leg work, I find that you can make more money using this site/app. Listing an item should take less than 5 minutes and once you sell the item the process is very seamless. Tradesy will send you everything you need: shipping label, tag for your item, tissue paper, and a bag or box to ship the item in. If you sell a handbag or shoes and need a dust bag they will send that too - at no charge! Its all included in the percentage Tradesy makes. They deduct a flat commission fee of $7.50 for sold items less than $50. On sold items $50 or more, they deduct a commission rate of 19.8%.   




Dress for Success

Vietnam Veterans of America

Local: Person-To-Person

Contact your local Salvation Army or homeless shelter

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We attended a charity event on Saturday night and the day turned out to be beautiful! Actually the weekend was gorgeous...I woke up today feeling like my old self:) Spring is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons but mostly because I love wearing tops like this one. I wore it a couple of weeks ago (on a randomly warm day) to lunch with a friend, music class with the boys, and a family dinner. It took me through the whole day! I also love this one which comes pattered and in this white version

Some other things I'm loving for Spring right now:

  • These metal bistro chairs are perfect for extra outdoor seating and they're a great price point!
  • I thought this would be a fun project to do with Luke. He loves planting and we could watch it grow on our kitchen table!
  • Love these simple summer earring for under $40...and these!



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girl guide two-FINAL FILES FULL SIZE-0025.jpg

Happy Friday! The sun is shining today and I'm feeling so grateful! Not only is it because the weather is nice, I'm so thankful that I took these pictures and can now look back and see just how teeny tiny Harrison was. I hate sounding cliche but time really does go too fast. 

My most frequently asked questions are related to the boys nap schedules and their daily schedules overall. I haven't done this before but I'm chatting about Harry's below. Its not always easy but the most important thing for us has always been sticking to a routine. Because Frank and I both work outside of the home we opt for a slightly later bedtime so we can spend time as a family when we get home at night. Right now it works for us because Luke is in an afternoon school program. I imagine it will change next September when we need to be out the door by 8:45! EEEK!! PS I'm NOT a morning person and I have so much love and admiration for my friends that have to wake up with their kids at 5am. I couldn't do it! 





7:00-7:45 Wake up and has an 8oz bottle of formula. We love this one

8:30 Breakfast - Right now his favorite foods for breakfast are avocado, oatmeal, or yogurt. He loves ALL fruit and hates eggs! 

9-10:45 He loves to play and look at books. Maybe its a second child thing but Harry is great amusing himself in the play kitchen for 20-30 minutes on his own!

10:45-12:45 Nap - both my kids nap and sleep at night with a sound machine and sleep sacks. Luke still uses one because he loves it so much. We have to get them from Europe because its the only place I can find them in the super big sizes!

12:45 Wakeup - 2nd 8oz bottle and lunch 

1:30-3:30 Play (go on walks if it ever gets nice out!!!)

3:30-5:00 Nap

5:30-6:30 Bath Routine - both boys LOVE to take a bath. I think they would stay in it for hours if they could! We do bath, lotion, and PJ's and then its time for dinner!

6:30-7:15 Dinner - Harrison eats everything we do now. He especially loves Fish (salmon and cod) and pesto! Frank has an allergy to some nuts so we've tried all of those and luckily so far neither of the boys inherited it. We were a little behind on introducing a sippy cup with water but we now use this one

7:30 Books - We're just getting to the age where I can get through one book with both boys together. Usually Harrison will squirm out of my lap or Luke doesn't want to read Goodnight Moon for the millionth time but they're really starting to get the hang of it! My mom ready to my sister and I every night and I still cherish those memories. 

8:00 Bedtime! Sound machine, sleep sack, and we put Harrison down! It takes him anywhere from 5-20 minutes to fall asleep and he will usually babble to himself or sing:)


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featured accessories

Clearly you can see I have vacation on my mind! I purchased this necklace a couple of weeks ago and knew I wanted to incorporate it into one of my lust lists. You can't tell from the pic but its actually oversized and I immediately thought it looked like an Hermes necklace (and certainly something more expensive). I'm not usually a green person but loved these pale tones paired back to blushes and ivory. If I do wear green its always a shade of "army" which is a closet staple!




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If you've been following me for a little while now you know, I love white dresses! I saw this one and I had to have it. I was pleasantly surprised the price because the quality is excellent and it has a great weight to it. The fact that it can be worn as a wrap dress or a kimono was an added bonus and value! These sandals are also a STEAL! They come in black in this sandal version and are also offered in a high heel and sling back. Love the gray-blue color


5 pieces I'm coveting right now

1 entertaining

2 sunnies

3 easy jumpsuit

4 summer sneaks

5 splurge





Its time for some Spring cleaning! Spring felt like it would never arrive but after some warm days last week I was inspired to get a head start. It was the best feeling when I was all done! I haven't completely transformed my closet to warm weather clothes yet with all the fluctuating temperatures but I'm ready. 



Hangers Uniform hangers will instantly transform your closet. I like these velvet ones which come in top/dress and pant. It may feel like an annoyance at first but the result is a clean and modern look that will take your closet up a notch. Step 2? Organize by color! You will thank me when you're getting dressed in the morning and looking for that navy tank you need but can't find. 

Storage Store winter clothes properly. Dry clean or launder in the warmest water possible for each garment (I prefer washing over DC because I can control what I'm cleaning them with. I like these bins but If you don't have a ton of room, these vacuum bags are great for storing under a bed. 

Moths My arch nemesis! Seriously though, after working for Ralph Lauren for 7+ years our family has a fair amount of cashmere in our house. From blankets to baby sweaters I'd say about 50% of it has fallen victim to these pesky bugs. If you want to take the all natural route like I do nothing can guarantee you won't find a hole but here are some products and pointers that will give you your best shot! Never return a sweater to your closet if it smells of perfume. I like this natural alternative to moth balls. If you're a DIY kind of girl I use this lavender to fill up muslin sachets for all the closets. Change twice a year and give the ratchets a little squeeze once and a while to reactivate the lavender scent.    

The One Year Rule My golden rule when it comes to cleaning out a clients closet! If its not a piece that you've reached for in the last 365 days, donate, sell, or toss it. More on this topic in a new closet cleaning post on the blog next week!

Save Your Boxes I know it sounds counterintuitive especially when we're talking about de-cluttering. BUT if you have the space (in an attic or basement) holding on to your designer shoe boxes or handbag dust bags will increase their value for resale.

Other tips and tricks:

  • Remove plastic off dry cleaning bags. Aside from your closet looking aesthetically better, chemicals used in cleaning your garments stay on the plastic and should be discarded. 
  • If you have limited space, store scarves and rolled belts in handbags. It will help maintain the shape of your bags and conserve valuable shelf space. 

non toxic products

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Seriously I can't believe its Thursday already! Where did this week go?! There are so many great pieces in the shopbop sale right now that I decided to use it for this week's Lust List! I added these to my order last night...needing to update last year's run-around summer sneaker and they were under $100 on sale. Did you know that even if your first purchase only qualifies you for 20% off but you make another one during the sale they will adjust all your purchases to 25% off?  This happened to me during their Black Friday sale and I was so happy with the customer service!

We're going to Florida for Memorial Day weekend and I've been on the hunt for a bathing suit. I just really want something that has decent seat coverage and isn't over $275 (so much harder than you think!). I'm a less is more person and really only want to own two good quality suits. This white one looks perfect so I'm thinking about it. White can be hard to wear if the fabric isn't thick enough. I like this one too - great nightwear lingerie brand so I'm thinking the fit will be really good. Don't forget to use code EVENT18 when you checkout:)




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SALE alert! This sale always sneaks up on me but this time I was prepared! I've been updating my wardrobe slowly for warmer temps and I'm still in search of some special event dresses and sandals. I love these that I picked up during the last sale (can't wait to wear them!). They also come in a wedge which is perfect for dresses or with white jeans. Use code EVENT18 for up to 25% off!! Happy shopping:)



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Happy Monday friends:) The end of this week is looking like 60 degrees in Connecticut which is making me very happy! I will need all the sunshine and vitamin D I can get by then. Luke is having a planned surgery today (something we've had to get corrected from birth) and even though I've known for a while it was coming, I'm still extremely nervous. 

Love this long sleeve option for the transitional months. I recently wore the one in these pics on a date night with these hoops and received so many compliments! You can also wear it back to white jeans or with a pair of shorts like this pair that I recently ordered (I have a slight obsession with olive shorts). 





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