t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Harper’s Bazaar - Ann Dowd talk’s about playing one of the most hated women in television right now….Aunt Lydia from A Handmaid’s Tale. Read how she speaks about her character being radicalized in Gilead and on using her own life to create this character.

Travel & Leisure - Ummmm I guess Ive been doing it all wrong! Click to see all the coolest amenities you can receive from various airlines while flying economy! On this note, I would love to hear from you if you use a credit card thats associated with an airline. I’m looking into business ones and can’t decide. Thanks!

Vogue - A peek inside fashion icon and Moda Operandi co-founder, Lauren Santo Domingo’s stunning Hampton home. Although we would expect nothing less from LSD, the layers in this old world yet newly built pattern paradise really blew me away. Lauren hired Greenwich, CT based designer Virginia Tupker to help with the design and it is perfection.


Maybe its just me but it doesn’t feel like Fall is being thrown in my face this year. Usually by August you start to see it everywhere. I’ve worked in retail forever so seeing wool sweaters in a stockroom after 4th of July doesn’t phase me, but there has been a refreshing change this season. Its given me a sense of excitement for this transitional period and I’m crossing my fingers for leather jacket, skirt, and sneaker weather over the next couple of months. Sharing some pieces I’m loving so far:


recipe - OK this is not a specific recipe per say, but we had dinner with our neighbors last night and she made the most DELICIOUS quinoa salad! Make a big batch of red quinoa. Grill up some veggies and chicken thats been marinated. Once everything is done combine with fresh lemon juice, EVOO, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs (I think she used cilantro and flat leaf parsley). Now how’s that for an off the cuff recipe?! I really like this one because its the kind of thing you can make a big batch of on a Monday night.

beauty - My absolute favorite lip oil. I use this all year round. It smells like mint and feels great…honestly I have yet to find anything better. Oh and its organic!

non-dairy - Have you visited Kourtney Kardashian’s website/blog yet? I remember seeing something about it coming soon a few months ago but then never followed up online or on Instagram. This week I was looking up almond milk recipes and this one popped up. If you watch KUWTK you know Kourtney is a clean (eating) freak so it comes at no surprise that this was recently featured on her new site. If you’re an almond milk drinker do yourself a favor, turn the bottle around and read the ingredients. I was not-so-pleasantly surprised by ours and have recently switched to this one.

entryway - I love this inspiration from studio mcgee’s blog. I’ve been on the hunt for a console for our dining room/living room. Its one space right now and I feel like breaking it up a bit and adding another focal point will complete the space.


I always get questions about where I shop for the boy’s clothes. I’ve never done “back to school” shopping before for Luke because he wears his clothes for what feels like forever. But he just had a little growth spurt and doesn’t really have much that fits going into this Fall (especially shoes), so I’ll be putting some new outfits together very soon. I‘ll do a little roundup in the next few weeks but for now wanted to share where I shop for the Luke and Harry:

zara kids


h&m - love their sustainable line

ralph lauren

jacadi - they have the best skinny pants:)

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photo 4.jpg

The decision to put your child under general anesthesia is never an easy one. I was scared and nervous and kept replaying the same thoughts in my head, “Is this going to be worth the pain of recovery, what happens if something goes wrong, is this really necessary?”. All of these were valid questions and concerns. At the end of the day to have Luke’s tonsils removed was an “elected surgery”. Sure the doctors can point you in a certain direction and make recommendations, but ultimately you as parents have to choose.

It took me over a year to come to the decision that this was right for us. We discussed it with his pediatrician a number of times as well as his pediatric ENT specialist. It was very important to me to take my time with this decision, to watch Luke over the course of the year, through all the seasons, and understand if there were any other factors that could be causing his discomfort. Luke has never had strep throat and he has never had an ear infection, our reasons were considering this were different and I listed them below. The first time we went to the ENT and he looked in Luke’s mouth and said that his tonsils were a 4 out of 5 in terms of size. That coupled with his smaller sized throat brought him to recommend removal. That being said there was only so much he could see this way and what he realized after surgery was that it was much worse.

Fast forward 9 months. I was talking to a friend at a birthday party and she told me about a partial tonsilectimy which promised a much easier recovery and less risks. I brought Luke back to the ENT to discuss our options. He warned me that there was a risk the tonsils could grow back with a partial but the chances were very small. Additionally we would be removing his adenoids which could also provide significant relief.

The morning of the surgery I was terrified. The recovery scared me. I didn’t want to see him in pain and I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth it. The moment the doctor came to us in the waiting room that all changed. I’ll never forget it: He told us that the surgery went very well and that he had the biggest tonsils he had ever seen in a 4year old. As big as they could possibly be he said. THEN he told us about his adenoids (the forgotten part of the surgery that I always just considered an “extra”). This is graphic but he told us they were blocking his nasal passage so much so that he had to scrape them out of one of his nostrils! “This is going to be life-changing for him”, he said. I let out the biggest sigh of relief.

I decided to share our story because I know how scary making medical decisions for your child can be. I am so grateful for the way our journey turned out. Luke is doing amazing. He stopped snoring completely the night we came home. He can breathe through his nose with ease…I’m still in shock to be honest. The recovery wasn’t fun but it also wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I’m interested to see how his seasonal allergies effect him this Fall and will post another update in 6 months!



Luke’s Symptoms

Congested almost 365 days a year: we tried everything, Zyrtec, nasonex, Flonase, clariton, we were convinced he just had very very bad allergies

He could never take a full normal breath in or out of his nose - after the surgery we discovered this was because of his adenoids

Always tired - he was still taking a 2-hr nap almost every day at 4 years old

Snoring is not even the word - the sounds that would come out of his nose and mouth as he struggled to breathe at night could be heard around the whole house. It was very scary at times

REM sleep - he tossed and turned all night long and we assumed was never able to sleep deeply

Growth - this is something to be debated and we’ll have to see if there is a change over the next few months but Luke is in the teens for growth

Eating - by the end of the day he couldn’t eat anymore. Every night was a struggle to get him to take bites as we watching him gag on food, chewing it, and not being able to breathe at the same time

Wheezing - overall you could almost always hear him breathing, always in and out through his mouth, and it was noticeably labored

I am not a doctor or a medical professional. What I’m sharing today are only my personal thoughts and experiences. If you need medical advice or help please consult with you physician

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hair bow // Zara

dress // H&M (similar style linked below)

shoes // old (similar linked)

sunglasses // Celine

bag // & other stories - old (similar linked)


make the most of summer

day trip to a place a couple of hours away

cocktails at home with friends

Al fresco dining

outdoor concert (if you live in the NY area we love going to tanglewood in MA)

gardening (beware of ticks and poison ivy!)


b r o d e r i e a n g l a i s e




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t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Vanity Fair - Courtney Adamo and the bloggers (and photographers) of Byron Bay. This article is so interesting and gives a peek into the seemingly perfect life of this mother of four.

Brene Brown - What Toni Morrison taught me about parenting. On what to do when your children walk into a room, ““Let your face speak what’s in your heart. When they walk in the room my face says I’m glad to see them. It’s just as small as that, you see?”.

NPR - To be honest, I don’t know a lot about guns. Last week I decided the first step for me to help make a difference for myself, family, and community, is going to be educating myself. Here is an article outlining the gun the shooter used in Dayton. I was shocked, and probably naive, to find out there are guides online to building your own similar pistol and how to make it different from a rifle thus making it easier to conceal.

Harvard Medical School - The case for drinking more tea. What are flavonoids and why are they good for your heart and stress prevention?


Sometimes I need to take a taste of my own medicine. When my friends are feeling like they’re in a rut, lost their mojo, or having writer’s block I always advise them to get out there, go somewhere different, and find inspiration. Last Monday I did just that, went into the city, and spent the day soaking everything in. It didn’t take long for ideas to start flowing. I had a few client styling appointments in the middle of the day and normally I should have hopped right on a train and head back home but I was so happy I didn’t. I can’t wait to share August’s content with you and here is a little sneak peak at what I picked up that day:


headbands - this 80’s trend shows no sign of fading. Celebrities and influencers have been sporting headbands for almost a year now and Fall will be no different. As my friend said to me while we were shopping in Zara on Friday, “Once it hits Zara you know its official”. But is it almost over? I for one hope not. I loved wearing headbands as a little girl and fondly remember my Belgian grandmother’s sister wearing a fat black headband with a perfectly pressed white blouse. Want to give it a shot? You don’t need to break the bank with this style! Love this braided one too. Another trend borrowed from the 90’s…my blush scrunchie:)

fohr - if you are an influencer or a brand hiring influencers you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t know about fohr. Click here to view co-founder James Nord’s youtube series, A Drink With James. In it he discusses everything from common questions about Instagram to advice on how to approach working with brands. If you’re not familiar with fohr (in my own words) it was created in an attempt to make the influencer world more fair and equitable for both brands and the bloggers they hire.On the platform, influencers can create a profile and fohr will assess their following on Instagram and rate the authenticity (followers vs bots, etc.). They are constantly adapting to the changing landscape that is social media and recently added “follower testimonials” to profiles. They are anonymous and allow followers to share why they love following a particular influencer. Click here if you would like to comment about me :) {shameless plug}!

ice cream - I’m always on the hunt for dairy free ice cream. Not sorbet, ice-cream. It used to be almost impossible to find but more and more restaurants and ice-cream shops are offering the milk alternative. If you’re in the Hamptons, my favorite destination for vegan soft serve is Buddha Berry in Sag Harbor. If you get lucky you can do a swirl - chocolate coconut and matcha! Here is a recipe for an easy (6-ingredient) dairy free chocolate coffee “nice” cream by half-baked harvest.

fast fashion - the online retailer that is heating up Instagram. I’ve had my eye on this puff sleeve jumpsuit. How cute is this romper and this one?

candle - love potion no 9, my favorite candle, EVER.


Non-stop service to Naples? Let’s go! A new route by United Airlines now makes it easier to get to this ultra desirable destination. I’ve been to Italy once as an adult. When we were 21, Frank and I spent 10 days in the country beginning with Rome. We took a train to Florence where we stayed for three days and ended our vacation in Venice. I would love to go back. We always talk about visiting the Amalfi coast. My best friend just returned from her honeymoon in Positano and the pictures are incredible! Check out the amazing hotel they stayed in, Villa Tre Ville.

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TROTTA HOUSE - the boy's bathroom


I’m so excited to share this peek inside the boy’s bathroom! We recently received this towel starter pack from weezie towels and its amazing the impact it made! All of our bathrooms are from the 1980’s and I couldn’t believe the first time I walked through the house and saw a gray toilet and bathtub! Of all the old-fashioned colors they could have been! It sealed the deal for me:)



t h e d e t a i l s

towels // weezie

rug // Annie Selke

basket // home goods (similar here)

hooks // anthroplogie (sold out - similar rattan style here) also love this style

our favorite bath products for the boys // beauty counter


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Were they worth it??

Neutral outfit for Spring and Fall // Oversized coat from The Curated styled with sneakers // The Girl Guide // Stephanie Trotta

to splurge or not to splurge

OK so no one ever needs a pair for $400 sunglasses, $600 sandals, or a handbag over $1000. But once we get past that fact and you decide that you would like to invest in a few special pieces here is the criteria I start with. Will the item:

A. make you happy for years to come, you LOVE it

B. Be worn in many ways, is a staple

C. is something that hopefully will retain its value

If you’re item meets at least one to two of the three criteria, then its time to talk. C is an interesting one…just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean you’ll get even close to the amount you paid if you decide to sell it. Not all designers are created equally when it comes to the resale market - Only Chanel, Hermes, and some Cartier pieces can be sold close at their original cost and in some cases more. When I purchased this Chanel wallet on chain purse over 10 years ago it was $1,100. I always store it in the box and its in pristine condition. If I ever wanted to sell it I would be able to for close to $2,000 now.



Celine Catherine sunglasses

Stephanie Trotta // Hermes Oran Sandals // styled with yellow Zara pants and lace top

Chanel woc

ullajohnsondress and oran sandalsJPG.JPG

hermes oran sandal


photo 3.jpg

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Harper’s Bazaar - the founder and fashionista behind weworewhat is re-launching her overall line and I think I’m going to need a pair.

Men’s Health - Frank’s friend from college wrote an article on healing his soul and how it changed the course of his life. Its a must read.

Rolling Stones - July was the hottest month in human history. If this doesn’t make you want to click and read I don’t know what will.


Summer’s not over. Here are a handful of dresses from the uber hot right now brand Reformation that will keep you cool in August and can be layered in September.


diet - “Scientific evidence for the glory of breakfast is scarce. Instead, we should skip it and eat lunch like kings.” A new study out of a German university claims that fasting is not just a claim and can have more long term benefits then we give credit.

recipe - I made this frittata last week for lunch and it was delicious. I bought a package of zoodles from the grocery store which made a simple recipe even easier. If you don’t already have a cast iron skillet I can’t recommend this one enough. The care is a little bit annoying but once you get into a habit its worth it! Don’t wash with soap, add a touch of baking soda and rinse. Then coat with olive oil and store.

living room rug - One of my most requested items from our home is this wool and sisal rug. I originally found it on Amazon three years ago when we moved in. I wanted something that had a natural/sisal look but was also soft. It has held up really well and the wool fibers makes it easier to remove stains. This is my go-to carpet stain remover!



The Vanderbilt - The history of Newport is scandalous! With the gigantic mansions comes even bigger drama and this hotel is no different. Originally built to house a young Vanderbilt’s mistress, it was quickly turned into a YMCA to avoid bad press and embarrassment for the influential family. The hotel was lovely, the staff was attentive, and the location prime - just a five minute walk to the wharf. I highly recommend a cup of morning tea in the courtyard followed by a tour of Rosecliff.

Clarke Cookhouse - We celebrated Tyler Boe’s Fall Collection over dinner at the brand’s favorite spot in Newport. The history of the restaurant is just as rich as its decor and the food was delicious. Heading to Newport for a special occasion? This is a must stop. If you’re doing on a Friday or Saturday night ask to be seated on the summer porch.

Castle Hill Inn - I can only recommend CH for the view. It is stunning. The service, not so much. I guess everyone deserves a second chance but we arrived, immediately ordered hummus and pita and after waiting 50 minutes (you read that right) cancelled our order and left. Not the service I would expect from a Relais & Chateau.

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All mercury jokes aside, July knocked me off my feet. I don’t think I’ve felt more out of sorts and disconnected in a while. I shared a little bit about what was going on in the beginning of the month on stories. Out of respect for my family I unfortunately can’t share specific details, but there was some tough and unexpected news that we received after the holiday (not health related). In my heart I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and we will come out stronger then we were before, but in my head I’ve been freaking out. Stressed, worried, scared - none of these are conducive to creating inspired content.

We did have some really great moments last month - my best friend’s wedding in Nashville was awesome. It was so nice to escape (alone) with Frank and reconnect. But for some reason when we returned I found it impossible to get back into our/my routine. I think it was part summer, part returning back to the scary reality we were facing, and mostly feeling like everything was piling up. I’m a planner and I need for things to be organized - it’s weird because I’m also a creative and like spontaneity…is it possible to be both? I pride myself on consistency. As an entrepreneur and a one woman show I feel like its a non-negotiable. So when I missed a blog post last week and The Sunday Section the week before, it really upset me. I felt like I had lost my mojo.

So how do I get it back? Last night I made a (very long) list of everything I need to get done this month and then broke it down into weeks and priorities. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel. Honestly, writing this post is making me feel better too. I’m a talker, pick up the phone kind of girl, I need to work things out this way. I think what I realized about myself is that when things get tough I can get paralyzed and what I need to do is just move forward. Easier said than done but I’m taking it one day at a time. Biggest THANK YOU to all of you for being here and supporting me. You are all the best part of my job and I couldn’t do it without your support:)




o u t f i t d e t a i l s

blouse // zara

tank // zara

denim // topshop (Nordstrom sale)

boots // Valentino (on sale in black) similar under $100




I’ve been working on a capsule wardrobe for Fall and wanted to share one of my favorite closet staples, the midi skirt. It truly is a four season piece that can be worn as shown above with a white tee (I also love to wear with a statement style like this one) or with a sweater and booties for Fall. I would love to hear from you! what types of pieces would you like to see in the capsule?




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Nantucket Sunset

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


real simple - Heading to a wedding this summer? Here’s a refresher on wedding gift etiquette. Can you really wait a year to give the bride and groom a gift?

goop - An off registry gift guide. My feeling is this - if you’re going to go off registry it better be good! Don’t take it the wrong way but if you’re going to surprise the couple with something different, my advice is to make it unique and personal. This weekend was my best friend’s wedding and instead of purchasing something for the couple I gave her a necklace with significance and meaning. It was something I really loved and I wanted her to have something special.

Vogue - Like her or not, since elected, AOC has been in the spotlight. I got to see firsthand what it was like to work in the House when I interned there during my junior year of college. Click to see a day in the life of a young rep.


loving right now…


recipe - Do you meal prep? I’ve tried a few times and it just never sticks. Instead now I make a huge batch of brown rice or quinoa and grill chicken or vegetables as a base for the week. Its really helpful! Sick of constructing salads for work? Here is a list of 15 (non salad) meal-prep recipes that are healthy and easy to make. Love the 5-minute mediterranean bowl!

sustainable fashion - You might be surprised by some of the brands on this list. Nike’s Flyleather material is at least 50% recycled and natural according to this article. One of my favorite eco-conscious (and cost conscious) brands is Cuyana. They have managed to create beautifully crafted pieces that are well priced, and with the environment in mind.


To say I’m not nervous about the recent changes to Instagram would be a lie. A quote from the WSJ article linked, “Myriad factors influence how many eyes Instagram’s algorithm exposes your image to, including your post’s timeliness and the likelihood other users will be interested in the content based on previous habits.” Basically this means that Instagram holds all the power - it decides what followers want (or don’t want) to see and as a result dictates the success of influencers and creators like myself. Take my most recent IGTV video for example. It peaked at around 3k views, a far cry from the 17k-40k garnered by my other videos. This is not a a coincidence and its not luck. The videos were all relatively the same content and posted the same way with one difference - 70% of my followers didn’t see my last one. This can be a tough reality for someone using the platform to share content.

So what am I doing about it? The only thing I can do. Continue to create content that I truly love. I started The Girl Guide in my mid 20’s for the same reasons why I work on it day and night today: to create a space where I can share my passions, connect, and ultimately (hopefully) inspire women. This will always be my space that I can control and own. So no matter what happens with Instagram, pinterest, or the next social platform, you can always find me here:)

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what to wear

on the plane



places to go, things to see



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foyer review // the girl guide // stephanie trotta

o u r f o y e r



walls // Benjamin Moore simply white

trim // Benjamin Moore chantilly lace

door // Benjamin Moore galveston gray

wallpaper // Ralph Lauren chevron moderne in dove




beautiful summer skin

D R I N K water - This one may seem so obvious but its amazing hoe. much more water we need in the summer especially if we’re spending most of our day outdoors. I always make this mistake when it first gets hot out

W E A R sunscreen - Protecting yourself with a mineral sunscreen is an essential part of my morning routine. However, I have found that the new natural and organic sunscreens have been drying my skin out. Don’t forget to moisturize and add a face oil at night to help your skin recover from the day.

E A T antioxidants - We’ve all heard, “you are what you eat”, but its never been more true today. I recently strayed from my regular diet and after only two weeks my skin started to look dull and my face was bloated. Eating foods high in antioxidants like blueberries and kale and drinking green tea on a regular basis help you maintain your glow (and collagen) now and in the long run.

E X F O L I A T E your skin - I exfoliate two to three times a week. In the summer I tend to do it a little more often because of all the sunscreen I’m using. I love this mask because it unclogs my pores and exfoliates using natural and organic ingredients.


shop the post


chair // target


Nantucket at Sunset // House on the water // Stephanie Trotta

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n

w h o

Marie Claire - How a couple making 120k a year with one child and a baby on the way are making it work, including starting their own business. I loved the breakdown here - great to see how a single-income household breaks down their monthly finances.

Vogue - Headed out East this summer? A round up of the best beauty destinations in The Hamptons. I’m planning an overnight with a couple of girlfriends in August…I definitely want to try the Shou Sugi Ban House!

goop - Goop just launched a place for the guys and its great! Just like its female counterpart, goop man covers Loved this article on creating lasting friendships as an adult - Geoffrey Greif, PhD breaks down the difference between men and women in friendships and it is SO interesting. “Men tend to have shoulder-to-shoulder friendships. Women have face-to-face friendships.”

w o r e

Sunglasses - This week I posted about my new pair of black sunnies! I looked for the longest time for the perfect pair. Since I splurged on a pair of Celine sunglasses for Christmas this year, I didn’t want to spend over $100 on black ones. Sharing some of my other tried and true styles. Not sure which shape works best for you? Check out this guide from Allure!

w h a t

summer reading - Getting back into reading books has been at the top of my list for (i’m embarrassed to say) over a year. I always use the excuse that I don’t have enough time but really what I need to do is make it a priority and squeeze it in. This past year I’ve fallen in love with podcasts because I can listen to them while I’m working. Reading requires me to put everything down - which is probably why I need it more now then ever! A few months ago I attended a live show for one of my favorite podcasts about books. Bad on Paper by Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman is hilarious and it also makes me want to curl up at night and get lost in great book. So where do I start? Check out these summer reading lists: the everygirl, Reese Witherspoon, and Bad on Paper. I’ll be sure to keep you updated when I find one I love!

makeup - Tried and true. If you follow me on Instagram you know…I’ve been working on my eyebrows for over a year now. It may sound silly but its taken that long and a commitment to leaving them alone to fix the mistakes made by my 15 year old self. No one should give a teenage girl a tweezer! Anyway, I’m finally at a place where I can style my brows and have almost achieved the full look I want. This product is amazing. Its the final step to getting bushy with it:)

w h e r e

Do you feel like you need a refresh or a change of scenery but you don’t have any plans for a vacation this summer? A couple of years ago Frank and I both had a lot going on at work and we decided it wasn’t a great time to go away. I had returned from maternity leave a few months prior and was already feeling like I needed another break. Frank suggested we make a few updates to our house instead and it ended up being just the refresh I needed at less than half the cost of a vacation. We spent the money on an outdoor table and a few accessories inside the house like lamps and throw pillows.

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what I purchased this year



JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-2.jpeg
JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-1.jpeg

tee // denim // flats // hat


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-3.jpeg


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-5.jpeg


JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-7.jpeg
JPEG image-8D7F716659E2-6.jpeg


free people // turtleneck sweater

vince // cable sweater

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black sunglasses for a while now. I had a pair that I loved but lost them two years ago and I haven’t been able to find a replacement. The minute I found this pair online I had a feeling they were going to be the perfect shape for me. A touch oversized, a touch cat-eye…perfect! The best part? They’re polarized and still under $100!

I love Walmart for two reasons: they offer fashion that is both stylish and on trend while also affordable. I’ve been living in my straw bags this season. This black cross body style is great for your on-the-go lifestyle and works with both casual and dressier looks. It also comes in a pretty blush color. This dress is effortless and chic and a great neutral to take you into Fall. I can’t wait to pair it with a black leather jacket and booties in a couple of months.

On the hunt for the perfect something this summer, start your search here, with Walmart Fashion!




also loving…




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