For some reason right after the holidays I always have this feeling that the end of winter and cold is right around the corner. I think its because in my mind I associate snow with Christmas? Anyone else? Basically what I'm trying to say is I keep going outside sans socks and with only two layers on hoping it will be over 30 degrees and I'm freezing!...maybe its the iced tea in my hands:)

I have been eyeing THIS jacket since October. I love it because it was an outerwear color I was missing in my wardrobe (I know you're probably shocked by this hehe) and the style was perfect for both a day outfit and at night. Also the exaggerated lapels give it a lux feeling and reminded me of a coat that walked the Ralph Lauren runway. Sooo when it went on sale I had to get it! This is one of my favorite sites and right now their sale is up to 70% off. Important note on their sizing: I've found that everything runs on the bigger side. If you order the small for example the tag says medium so order either one or two sizes down. I'm wearing a small but should have bought the XS!  

I also get a lot of questions about these booties when I wear them. I purchased them about 8 years ago and they're still very much in style which I love. If you like this look I also found this similar pair for under $150! AND on the boot front I've been receiving a lot of requests for my favorite winter boots. So many of the styles I loved are sold out but I rounded up my top picks below:)  




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As you know my new year's resolution was to try to be more PRESENT. When I'm with my kids and husband (mostly), but also when I'm with friends, at work, etc. These days its so easy to be distracted by everything and I was finding myself always on my cell phone looking at social media, thinking about where I have to go next, what my plans are for tomorrow, my mind was ALWAYS going. So one of the ways I'm helping myself to be more present and living in the moment is to do these two things:

Take time for myself: Today I had the best day. I prioritized two hours for myself...ME TIME! to do whatever I wanted to do and just enjoy myself. I caught up with a friend over tea at a local coffee shop and went for an infrared sauna (amazing experience by the way). By the time I went to pick Luke up at school I felt so refreshed. After today my goal is to try to set aside two hours a week of uninterrupted time for myself. Its not going to always be possible but I think it absolutely helped me when I was back home with the boys. I was able to focus on them because I had a good chunk of time to do all the things I wanted to do already and wasn't distracted. I was able to stay present!

Plan: At the beginning of every year I buy myself a planner. By the end of the year Its almost always less than half used (if I'm being generous). With the birth of Harrison this past May and Luke now in school things are busier than ever. I know that planning and organizing everyone's schedules would help me tremendously. Maybe even organize some not-so-last-minute date nights? One can dream! 




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I hope everyone is having a great week! I for one can't believe its already Wednesday. I've been trying to get this post up for two days but between work and recuperating from last weekends festivities I've been just a tad behind:)

Ok so if I had to describe my style with one outfit THIS WOULD BE IT! A casual chic look that works day or night and is drum roll please....50 shades of GREY! I love this jacket because its a cool twist on the classic Chanel one and still has that Parisian model off duty vibe. I purchased this one 3 or 4 years ago and I love the fact that they're still making variations of the same style. I actually use it all the time in the spring and early Fall but recently I've been layering it under my down coats and leaving it on when I get to my destination (lunch with a friend, dinner, etc.). It was definitely a spurge when I purchased it but I'm so happy I did! I found this one if you're looking for a steal version and also this version for under $100. 

If you're wondering what to pair this style jacket with I always like to suggest a white or black t-shirt for a relaxed look. It also looks great paired back to a high low silk blouse or tunic and leather leggings if you want to dress it up. 







What do you wear from January to March? My go-to is the sweater dress. I like to layer underneath mine with a thermal or waffle knit fitted shirt and a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Its the perfect look for cold winter months when you want to stay warm but still look dressed. My go-to for dinner dates and luncheons has been this one recently (I purchased it during the friends and family sale but it was definitely still a splurge!). If you're looking for good underpinnings my go-to's are this fitted turtleneck and this one. Also I love this style - and they're ALL on sale!! 






It has been REALLY cold out this week! Luke's birthday is January 2nd and last year a full blown blizzard hit the east coast on the day of his party...everyone cancelled only a few hours before (sad face). I think I was more scarred than he was to be honest! After this week I'm seriously considering a lovely half birthday celebration in July:) Now they're saying we're supposed to be getting a bomb cyclone tomorrow, WHAT?! Fingers crossed for this year's party on Sunday!

Honestly my first what to pack post of the year should have been for the beach (hint, hint - I'm desperately trying to convince Frank of a weekend Florida getaway) but naturally my heart loves a good ski trip. We always go to the Berkshires but lately we've been talking about heading out west. Kid friendly suggestions welcome! I put a similar packing list together for a client of mine traveling to Europe for an annual family gathering in Switzerland. She wanted casual chic and to always feel "dressed" on and off the slopes. Another essential I had her buy was this face oil. It has been saving me the last few weeks! All these pieces can easily work on a trip to any cold climate! 




Happy New Year! Today feels like a clean slate, a fresh start, and I'm so excited for what lies ahead in 2018! Grateful is an understatement for how I've felt the last 8 months to have this as a creative outlet and a platform to share my thoughts, style, and life with you. Thank you for all your emails, DM's, likes, and comments...they mean the world to me!  

I'm a huge fan of the military jacket. I always suggest to clients that they pick up this staple when I'm doing a closet re-organizathion or putting together outfits. Army green works on every skin tone and can also be worn with all colors. I purchased this one last year and wore it into the summer with white jeans or over a dress. These days I'm layering it under outerwear or a fur vest (behind the scenes: I was FA-REEEEZING shooting this - I think it was 13 degrees out!). PS the boots I'm wearing are so comfortable and if it would just stop snowing I could go back to wearing them every day!



JACKET : Theory (old but found it here, here, and here on sale)

SUNGLASSES : Zara (Tagged similar below)

SWEATER : Vince (Last year, similar herehere and below)

JEANS : Zara (similar here)

BOOTS : Marc Fisher



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Laying low this week and doing all my shopping from my computer! There are so many great end of the year sales going on right now and Nordstrom's is one of my favorites. I find it so easy to order from them and they make returning by mail or in-store really simple which is essential these days!

  • If you're shopping for a basic black boot this one is great. I like suede because it dresses things up a little and you can wear these day or night. This stone colored pair is a great neutral!
  • I have these booties in brown the patent and so comfortable!
  • I know stocking stuffer season is done but this love necklace is so sweet and would make the best gift! 
  • LOVE these sunnies in black 



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Motherhood is easy (said no one ever)! It isn't easy but it is a journey that for me, has changed my life in the best way possible. On January 2nd it will be three years since my sweet Luke made me a mom...a day I will never forget. Since then, motherhood has been a string of decisions...thousands of them. In the beginning it was, "Can he sleep like that, Should we feed him that?, Can we take him there?" now the questions are bigger like "Did I say the right thing? and How do I explain that?" Sometimes my work schedule gives me only one to two hours a day with the kids and its never uninterrupted. I'm always asking myself, "How can I get more time?", and then the mom guilt sets in. Last week I started to make a list of goals - all the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I looked at it and realized they were ALL work related! Which brought me to my New Year's resolution....   

BE PRESENT - It sounds so simple but for me (if I'm being honest with myself) its not. Since Harrison was born in May I've been on my phone and or my computer A LOT. Like seriously a lot. I re-launced my blog last February at 6 months pregnant and really kicked it into high gear in June when H was only one month old. It was a huge undertaking with a newborn, a 2.5 year old, and a full-time job waiting for me to return in two months but I was determined to make it work. Every time I shoed Luke away for "work" I would tell myself I was doing it for him. That I was working this hard to create a job and a lifestyle that would one day equal more flexible hours and more time with my babies. That was all true BUT reflecting on the last 7 months, I'm realizing that I need a better balance, personally, and for my family. Now as any mom knows, there is not exact science to the work/kids/husband/self ratio but I've committed to prioritizing family time in the New Year and it feels good! What are your New Year's resolutions? 


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My final gift guide this holiday season! It's crunch time! I'm so confused by Christmas this year...maybe its because it falls on a Monday? I have to say though - retailers have been doing a GREAT job at communicating shipping deadlines and almost all of the larger stores are offering expedited shipping at no extra charge or for free. So lets talk gifts under $100. I just ordered this speaker for the boys playroom and I love it! If you know someone who is in to cycling I found this one which looks cool too. This jewelry case is a great price point at $65, love the color, and is the perfect gift for all the "tweens" in your life. Personally I think the hardest category to shop for! Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday and Happy shopping:)



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It can be tough shopping for the woman who has it all! Or even for that person in your life who you know has fabulous taste and you're worried you'll buy something she won't like. Been there!! I've talked about it before but I can't say it enough - less is more! One beautiful and thoughtful gift is always the better way to go. It was so hard making this gift guide because I want everything! I rounded up a mix of high fashion pieces for every price point. Hope you like it and happy shopping:)


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Lately I've been getting a ton of emails and messages on social media asking about my skincare routine. The most important thing for me has been understanding the type of skin that I have. Growing up (especially in my teens) I suffered from acne and breakouts. In college I actually tried products like Proactive and I found myself managing blackheads and clogged pores on a daily basis. On the flip side my sister's skin? You could not find a pore on her face! She's always suffered from eczema and dry skin though. Genetics! 

In the last couple of years I feel like I finally have a good handle on my skin. I credit most of my success to consistency and using natural or organic products. I started a very basic nightly routine about ten years ago and have been diligent over the years. I first posted about this topic here after I had Harrison. I loved the products I was using but still felt like something was missing. Then I discovered Organachs Farm to Skin in Westport, CT. I've finally found the place I was always looking for - a natural and organic destination for skincare and makeup. Immediately I connected with owner and curator Siobhan McKinley over her passion and love for natural products. She believes, as I do, that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Here are the products I love from Organachs and some of my skincare tips:

  • Voya Even Pure Moisturizer - The thing I like most about this moisturizer is you can wear it day and night. I like to keep my routine simple and with this you don't have to have a night cream. In the mornings I use it solo (unless my skin is very dry) and at night after my face oil.  
  • May Lindstrom Honey Mud - I've been using this for about a month now and I'm HOOKED! I use it as a cleanser during the week as well as a mask once a week. It is purifying, smells amazing, and consistency is something you would want to eat!
  • Ursa Major Deodorant - I'm constantly on the hunt for a natural deodorant and this one works! No aluminum or harsh metals and it smells really fresh.

Be Diligent at Night: Remove your Makeup! You're exhausted, its been a long day at work or with the kids and the last thing you want to spend time on is washing, toning, and applying a face oil or night cream. But I PROMISE! You will thank yourself in the morning!

Get Oily: I'm an oil addict. Applying oil to your oily t-zone may seem counterintuitive but actually if you are cleansing and exfoliating your skin properly, oils can clarify and offer your skin many nutrients its needs. I LOVE this one. My favorite part about using natural oils? They smell AMAZING and many have the added benefit of aromatherapy. 

Find the Right Moisturizer: Not all moisturizers are created equal. Most brands make a light and a heavier formula depending on the time of year and skin type. Listen to your skin - you may need to go a little lighter in the summer. During the winter, even with an oily t zone, I layer an oil and a moisturizer.

Facials: For me facials are a luxury. Of course it would be great to have one weekly but for most thats not realistic. BUT, I do think there are real benefits to a monthly one. If you're local and interested in a natural and organic experience, Organachs is the ultimate destination. Last month I had the VOYA anti aging restorative facial. During it, hand harvested seaweed from Ireland was placed on my face over a seaweed mask. The leaves detoxify, hydrate, and firm the skin while also helping to stimulate collagen production. I left feeling rehydrated and my skin looked amazing! This facial is definitely on my wish list this Christmas!







It's no secret that I'm a neutrals girl tried and true. Of course I can appreciate a beautiful bold print or a dark floral but a light and monochromatic outfit always makes my heart skip a beat. It makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning when everything matches. It becomes all about textures.... Like this sweater paired with a silk or lace pant for holiday. I just recently wore this sweater to a holiday party (also have it in gray) with a silk skirt and these flats. The bows make it festive but not so much so that you can't wear it after January. 




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So excited to share my first gift guide with you guys! I'm a firm believer in "less is more" when it comes to gift-giving. I believe that thought does count and whether you're going to splurge on a gift or looking for something small, it shows when you've put in that extra effort. One of my favorite brands to shop gifts no matter what the occasion is Cuyana. They have a wide range of price points and the quality of their goods is incredible. Frank bought me this travel case last year for Christmas and I use it ALL the time!






I went to a casual girls night out at a friend's house last week and wore this outfit. I can't tell you how comfortable it was and at the same time I felt dressed up and festive. When I buy "holiday outfits" its nice to know that I can wear them again and that's definitely an added bonus with this look. These pants would be so pretty with a tucked white tee in the Spring!

Fun Fact: Shooting outfits for the blog is NOT an exact science! With my full time job and two kids its actually quite the contrary. It becomes even trickier in the winter when the sun goes down at 4:30! Long story short the plan was to shoot this look at my house but as I drove home and the sun began to set, I ended up taking a detour and met my photographer in town where she was already shooting. The only problem was I forgot my shoes! Lucky for me Lindsay Madden is pretty stylish behind the lens and she so kindly let me borrow these! Thanks Linds:)

And last but not cute is my hat? Its from one of my favorite local shops, Kirby & Company. If you're local to Fairfield/Westchester county its a MUST see. They have the cutest cafe in the back that serves the most delicious macarons and a chocolate cookie that will blow your mind! Or you can head to their online shop. If you want to shop my hat CLICK HERE it comes in 4 colors and is $38:)






It's here!! I like Black Friday and I LOVE cyber Monday. I don't know why, maybe its the idea of sitting in your pajamas all day, coffee in hand, shopping for deals? (not that I've ever done that - I'm always at work ordering via my cell phone) I think its because I've always loved the hunt. 


PS: need help finding the perfect gift for your sister's mother-in-law? Or your best friend who has it all? I'm here for you!





I did a huge round up on the Net sale HERE. Sizes are selling out fast but I love this sweater. Just ordered this bra in black and pink (dying to try this pretty trend under a silk blouse). This scarf is such a pretty color and would also make the perfect gift. I know this sweater is a basic but its just SO good. My favorite jeans are 30% off!


This sale is so GREAT! 40% off full price and they have an amazing selection of Men's and Children's this year. LOVE this sweater. Its the perfect twist on the classic fireman style. I have these jeans and they fit so well and this color goes so well with all my gray and blush peeves for Fall/Winter. These boots are great if you're looking for a winter style. This coat in grey is !!!!! They make it every year and it still remains a classic. 

Club Monaco

Buy more, save more up to 35%! You can see my full Club Monaco sale post HERE. Their tiered sale is site wide also and such a great opportunity to pick up classic and holiday pieces for yourself and gifts. This face mist smells so good. I gave this to all the women in my family last year. If you like wearing ballet flats this pair is so comfortable. I've posted about this sweater a few times already but it really is so pretty!

Serena & Lily

WHOOP WHOOP 20% off site wide! Hands down one of my favorite home websites. We have bath towels and linens from S&L and love them. They have the best baskets for storage or laundry - so pretty you don't want to hide them. Like these also for the boys room. Tassel? Sold! 


30% OFF SITEWIDE! I think I wore at least one piece from Anthro every day over the summer. They've been around for a while but I feel like a re-discovered them last year. Such a great destination for you and for gifts. Love the sleeve on this sweater and with the sale its less than $75! I love their jewelry. These earrings are so pretty and I think I'm going to order these for Christmas! Under $40


30% OFF SITEWIDE! If you follow my LUST LISTS you know I'm a big fan of high/low dressing. Mango makes it all possible! I view them as a step above Zara and so far I've had a 100% success rate from everything I've ordered. Here is a look at what's in my shopping cart right now: This coat and this one. This shirt for under $20!! I actually ordered this sweater last week - stay tuned! 

One Kings Lane

20% OFF SITEWIDE! This is a GOOD sale! Did I mention free shipping on orders over $100? Yup! Our living room is basically all OKL. I've been pleasantly surprised every time I order from them with the quality and service. Just ordered this wreath for our back door. Love this mirror. We have this hide layered on top of a wool sisal and I still enjoy it every day. Its the perfect neutral combination. How fun is this throw? Gray pom poms of course!


$50 OFF every $250 you spend! This sweater is so pretty. I like that its nautical pretty but has a little edge at the same time. Love this top for date night!!! If you're looking for an evening dress this one is beautiful and $100 OFF:) Check out this pretty blush tulle skirt!

Moda Operandi

Extra 30% OFF SALE! I love Oscar de la Renta earrings and these are so pretty in black. Love these bow wedges and the color is perfect!

Saks Fifth Avenue

$75 gift card with your $100 purchase! They're having their designer sale right now and its up to 40% off designer product! 



I love the Club Monaco collection this year. Somehow they always manage to balance classic and trendy and create pieces that I love year over year. This sweater is the perfect example! Early access starts today so don't miss out! This year they're doing a tiered buy more say more with code SHOPFRIDAY. Did I mention my sweater also comes in ivory?


25% off $150+

30% off $250+

35% off $400+ 


  • Love this sweater because its a great basic but the sleeve gives it a nice edge. You can dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans or up tucked into the right skirt or a leather pant. This one has the same vibe.
  • There is nothing more classic than a camel trench coat. This one is a wool blend and has a great neckline. Love the buttons!
  • These earrings go with everything and are perfect for the holidays. The price is amazing for under $40 
  • One of the prettiest SPLURGE sweaters of the season! I guarantee you will be happy when you pull this out of your closet next year
  • I have these in gray suede and they are so comfortable. Its my 3rd year wearing them and 

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I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was going to be a week of sales! I find shopbop one of the easiest sites to shop. They have great categories where they break down different looks and trends and they make it super easy to store your info and checkout (not sure my husband loves that feature-hehe). Also returns are done very quickly and are FREE! I've rounded up some of my favorites from the sale and here are a few other great buys:

  • These earrings are the perfect gift and are a STEAL at $70. Also love these and they're under $40!!
  • If you get one thing this week,  this sweater is IT. It's the steal of the season at $70 and goes with everything (especially tucked into high-wasted jeans). Also love the sleeve if you want to wear a vest. 
  • If you like the mule trend but haven't purchased a pair yet, this one is so pretty. Especially love that the color will take you into Spring!




NEW - still in stock!!!

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