I’ve never been to England. I really want to see London but what gets me even more excited is the countryside - visiting the Cotswolds, sheep everywhere, fairytale little houses centuries old (I’ve been dreaming). We are not members of Soho House but I love their exclusive farmhouse in Oxfordshire. I’m still not quite sure if anyone can stay there but needless to say its at the top of my list.

If I had to describe my style I would say classically boho or bohemian classic. does that make sense? I love prairie dresses and cowboy boots, and oversized cardigans from Jenni Kayne. Then there is a part of me that loves a tailored blazer with a structured shirt and skinny pant. Classic + boho. I really love this roundup because it represents my style so well - from city to county. What is not included in the below linked items is this polene bag and this headband by Lelet.



c i t y t o c o u n t r y



t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n

w h o

Huffington Post - Looks like baby Archie will be spending Christmas in the States! If you haven’t watched this clip yet, its a heartbreaker. Whether you like her or not, you can’t deny that it shows a very real and vulnerable side of Megan Markle. I can’t imagine the pressure she must be under as a new mother and dealing with the scrutiny and negative comments day after day is unimaginable. I’ll never forget the first critique I received via Instagram about my parenting. It stayed with me for weeks….and that was just one comment.

Bloomberg - This is my worst nightmare. I don’t like flying so the idea of being on a plane for almost 20 hours is terrifying. I found this article fascinating and felt my heart rate rising just reading about each hour on this never-ending journey to Sydney. If it happens, seems like a jet lag game changer for those traveling across the world.

National Geographic - nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast, zones that could flood within decades according to National Geographic.

Vogue - Looking for more fashion inspo? Here is a round up of the best fashion Instagram accounts this week according to Vogue. Beware: I clicked on @emrata which sent me down a thirty-minute rabbit hole.


Anthropologie is 25% off (ends tonight)…


Zara home - If you don’t know, now you know. Walking into a Zara home store for the first time in Belgium last summer I was blown away! Not only did I want everything because the aesthetic was every neutral lover’s dream, but the prices were so reasonable I was shocked. Of course I could fit next to nothing in my almost exploding suitcase so I left with nothing but continued to admire their goods from afar (online). Click here to see this season - I’m starting with bedding for the boys. Will keep you posted!

resell - My favorite destination for buying and selling luxury handbags just discounted thousands of new pieces and I have my eye on a few! I’ll be doing a more in-depth post on this topic next week but for now just leaving you with this thought: “Do we really need our $$$ handbags to be brand new?”. Hint: Gen Z ( and I) are saying no!

recipes - these are two adventurous ones: the temperatures are dropping and its time for comforting soups and stews. This is the best beef bourguignon. who doesn’t love Ina? And for a dessert: these chocolate and peanut butter bars sound incredible! I wish I could bake! Its on my list of things to do more of this Fall. I love how she makes everything seem easier with her videos and tutorials!


the berkshires

Last week I received a few messages about my post on weekend drives from Connecticut and New York. I LOVE when people ask me about short (2ish hours) road trips with kids. It makes me so happy to help parents live in a way that still feels fulfilling after kids. By fulfilled I mean quenching their sense of adventure, and the excitement of going somewhere new thats not necessarily geared towards children. Our kids have the best time in The Berkshires and I think part of the reason is that Frank and I are so happy when we’re there. We walk around town, hit up farmer’s markets, go into a few shops, nap, go on hikes, eat delicious food…ahhh I want to drive there right now!

The moral of the story is - check out my posts on The Berkshires here. Why I love them, what to do there, and where to stay (even on a budget). Don’t forget to share if you go:)

shop the post

sweater // skirt // boots // bag





goop - America’s largest forest is in danger. Click to read more about the Tongass National Forest, home to grizzly bears, bald eagles, Pacific salmon, and moose to name a few.

blair eadie - Blair Eadie is back with her newest collection for Nordstrom and everything is under $250. These faux crop pants are interesting and this navy blazer reminds me of the Vanessa Bruno one I’ve been wearing that is sold out. Also this pair of on trend faux croc boots.

theeverygirl - Things all first moms experience….just sent this one to my sister who is working on her second day home with her first child. I remember the feeling so well. EVERYTHING overwhelmed me and I felt paralyzed when making decisions. I don’t know what I would have done without Frank during this time. We really came together.

Vogue - Hailey Bieber’s beautiful wedding in Palmetto Bluff. See her receptions dress designed by Vera Wang here, and her wedding dress by Virgil Abloh here.


What I wore this week:


recipe - the yummiest vegan ranch dressing! I’ve always said I would love to take cooking classes to learn how to do two things: make sauces (gravy, francese, bernaise, etc.), and to learn how to make interesting dressings. We eat a lot of salads around here and a good dressing can make or break a meal.

watch - review of El Camino, the Breaking Bad spinoff movie that was released on Netflix last week. We watched it on Friday night and thought it was great - the perfect conclusion to a show we were sad to see go. also, how has it been 6 years already??

sweater dress - I love this interesting take on a classic sweater dress. I actually have a slip with ruffle detailing at the bottom of it and have been thinking of getting an extra long sweater to turn it into a dress. Found this two-in-one style too from Free People and also this turtleneck one from Asos.

Black sunnies - I saw these on a friend this weekend and they are awesome! We ended up passing them around the party and they really looked good on every face shape. Love that they’re “celine-esque” but under $100. Putting them on my list:)


Did you know Urban Outfitters has an amazing home selection?

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Sperry duck boots for Fall Stephanie Trotta

The Trotta family is always up for an adventure. From the beginning, Frank and I agreed that we wanted to continue our “get up and go” mindset post-kids. Although it’s changed a bit, I love that we can still continue exploring as a family. 

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of outdoor boots for Fall. I wanted something that was durable and waterproof, but also sleek and stylish to compliment my aesthetic. Sperry has the best selection of all weather boots. The Saltwater duckboot is lined in with a warm micro-fleece and the non-marking rubber duck exterior is waterproof. I love this style for me paired with skinny jeans and a chunky turtleneck. Also, did you know they have the cutest children’s styles? I’m obsessed with this boot for the boys!


Places on our list this Fall

Storm King Art Center – I’ve always wanted to visit this museum and property. We kind of missed apple picking this year and may head up hear on a Saturday or Sunday in lieu of that this season.


Hudson, NY – You may remember a day trip we took up to Hudson last December. We packed the car with everything we needed including the boys PJ’s for the late night ride home. It was the best trip! Looking forward to going back next month for an overnight!


Great Barrington, MA – We love the Berkshires. I’ve talked a lot about it here and in this tab. Hoping for an overnight one weekend before the farmer’s market shuts down for the season (its my favorite one!). 


 Thank you to Sperry for sponsoring this post

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Happy Thursday! Lots going on for the Trotta family in the last 24 hours. My sister went into labor yesterday (5 days early) and delivered at 1am today! I am SO excited to meet my sweet baby niece. lots more to come on the sweetest new arrival. The boys are also so excited to meet her.

Short post today (no pun intended hehe) but I really wanted to share this look and a Columbus Day sale happening this weekend. One of my favorite brands, Mango, is 30% off with code COLUMBUS19. I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week:)



get the look


m a n g o s a l e


DOWNTON VIBES and not so high heels

neutral outfit for fall.JPG

b l o u s e s


t h r e e t h i n g s

  1. Can’t wait to watch the new downton abbey movie - I’m a sucker for a ruffle and exaggerated shoulder blouse

  2. I always get asked about these shoes. They’re actually 3-ish years old and from Ivanka’s trump’s shoe line (which i don’t think exists anymore). they are perfect dupes of the Chanel ones and honestly when these tank i would consider splurging for the CC’s because I love the style so much. linked another steal version below!

  3. i shot this sweater today and wanted to share it here - H&M sells out so quickly and I know by the time I post it will be sold out.


a low heel

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t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


ELLE - The story of one woman and her Facebook group that took downs a Sudanise dictator.

The Washington Post - Ummm this is bad. I mean, this is really bad. I drink tea EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hate to admit it but I read this headline and the first thing I thought was, “Really? Does everything have to be bad for you??” Now I’m off to find a small metal apparatus that I can carry around and dump my tea leaves into instead of a the plastic mesh bag I always thought was so pretty.

NPR - Can positive childhood memories protect you from experiencing depression later on in life?

The Wall Street Journal - How a “psychological contract” saved one dual-career couple’s relationship.

Vogue - The photos from this Italian wedding are stunning. Maybe a summer 2020 trip for the Trotta’s? Better start saving!

w o r e

Some of my favorites from the weekend’s sales:


deodorant - OK so….I’m so happy I shared this on my Instagram the other day! The best news - I’m not the only smelly one out there haha. I’ve been using natural or organic deodorants for about six years now (my poor husband) and I’ve never been truly satisfied. So now I’m officially on a quest to see if I can find one that works for me. On Friday I received over one hundred messages in response to my IG stories and here were the most popular suggestions:

  • Native - this was by far the most suggested

  • Schmidt’s - this is the one that started the conversation. I tested the lavender one that comes in a glass jar - it did NOT work for me. But so many of you said the stick does, so added it to the list.

  • Agent Nateur - this is the one I’ve been using the longest. I don’t want to say it doesn’t work, because it does. But I think that I’ve outgrown it or need a break from it, hence the experiment with something new!

  • Rosy Pits from Mega Babe

  • Corpus Naturals

  • Love Fresh

  • Primal Pit Paste - I purchased this one today at Whole Foods

hair loss - Hair loss is a really scary thing. It can happen for so many reasons: vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalance, and thyroid issues, just to name a few. I’ve been experiencing some really bad hair loss for the last two months and my best guess is it is stress related. We had a trauma in our family around the end of July and towards the end of August I started to notice it. At first I thought it was seasonal (I usually experience some shedding around September) but this was different. when I went to get a haircut they agreed, it was pretty bad. Last week I asked my IG community for help and I wanted to share the suggestions. Even though my best guess is it is stress related and I’ll just have to let it run its course, I want to take some steps to strengthen my hair overall. I’ve taken vital proteins before but never really committed to them (or loved), but considering giving them another shot. Here are some others:

  • Nutrafol

  • Monistat - this one was crazy to me! Check out @thesisterstudioig

  • Biotin

  • Vital Proteins - powder and creamers

  • Prenatal Vitamins

  • Mary Ruth Organic

  • Nature’s Bounty - hair, skin, nails vitamins

podcast - I loved this podcast from goopfellas. Author and former pro athlete Lewis Howes talks about the different masks that he believes men hide behind.

winter boots - Its not quite that time of year but I’m starting to look! Love all the options I’m seeing in neutrals like these shearling ones, and this pair. I was obsessed with this pair but it sold out during their last sale.

necklaces - One of my favorite jewelry designers is having a two day sitewide sale! I wear her necklaces almost everyday - they’re beautifully made. I love how you can wear them on their own or stacked. I’ve had my eye on this heart and here is my wishbone:)

white tee - OK, I keep saying my favorite but this is seriously the best white tee and its $18 and back in stock. I wear a medium so its a little roomier.

capsule collection favorites

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One of my favorite things I create for clients are these styled round-ups. I love curating looks for them and when I hit “send” I get this sense of excitement (and hope) that they’ll love what I’ve put together. Its a similar feeling to posting them here. On the blog, The Lust List is just that. Pieces that I either have and love, or want to add to my wardrobe this season. To be honest, they take a lot of time to create which is why I don’t post them as often as I used to. The best part of this weeks? Everything is on sale! Some are included in the Saks Fifth Avenue Friends and Family sale and some are from the Net-A-Porter sale with code NEWNOW15.



s h o p t h e p o s t

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Barons cove in sag harbor new york.jpg



Jenni Kayne - Love this piece featuring 4 high impact, low investment updates for your living room. I’ve had my eye on these baskets and this vase for branches.

Vanity Fair - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in Africa. With her 5-month old in tow, Megan has focused her trip on the recent increase in gender-based violence in South Africa, meeting with female leaders, and educating herself on the recent murder of a female college student.

goop - Loved this post on getting out of town in September and October. Even if its for just a long weekend, personally I’d rather skip a trip during the holidays and head out of town now. This post also reminded me of my What to Pack posts. Should I bring them back?

departures - Have you ever wanted to rent an island? Well you can…in Norway. It comes complete with multiple homes and views of the Northern lights. Anyone want to go halfsies?


Less than 24 hours in Sag Harbor and what I packed:


overnight bag - I recently posted my overnight bag to IG stories and received so many questions. It was a splurge purchase years ago from Barney’s in New York that to this day I’m so happy I went for. Not having anything current and comparable to share sent me on the hunt. I found this style for $165 which is a great value and I love the functionality. Not to mention its the perfect “go with everything” color palette.

recipe - this tahini sauce you will be scraping from your mixer and licking the spoon. I love mediterranean food…fresh fishes, olives, great oils, and hummus. we make a ton of hummus in our house. I realized last year that I like the taste of my own more and when I make it, it doesn’t go to waste. I loved trying this twist on the flavors of hummus. We used tossed it with grilled chicken and veggies last week and it was delicious! Add a lemon wedge:)



Breakfast at Provisions : When I discovered this place about 7 years ago it was love at first sight. As you know I have a serious love for healthy foods and even more so organic and dairy-free options. If you're heading to Sag Harbor or just passing through, stopping here is a must. I recommend the watermelon juice and my absolute favorite thing to eat is the baby buddha (ask for both the tahini and green herb dressing). Provisions 7 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY

Lunch on the go at Harbor Market & Kitchen: Last summer we rented a house in Sag Harbor and Frank and I stumbled upon this place while on a morning bike ride. Everything is delicious! They have vegan and gluten free options and will also happily satisfy a carnivore:) You can eat in at their communal tables or pack a to-go basket for the beach. My favorites are the salmon cakes, tahini brownies, and jasmine iced green tea. Harbor Market 184 Division St, Sag Harbor, NY

Coffee/Tea and a cookie break (while shopping) at Sylvester & Co.: Lynda Sylvester starting making cold brew 20 years ago. You can drink her now famous coffee here on tap along with a delicious homemade dark chocolate peanut butter cup. Yes I was a little bit indulgent on this trip! Stop by this modern general store for the perfect hostess gift or to treat yourself! Sylvester & Co 103 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY

Frozen Yogurt at Buddha Berry: Every time I go here I beg them to open in Connecticut. Their frozen yogurt is delicious and they have the most amazing dairy-free options that are coconut milk based. This weekend it was match (obviously I was in heaven). Buddha Berry 125 Main St Sag Harbor, NY

Shopping at Goop: I loved last years pop-up in Amagansett and this one doesn't disappoint! Don't miss the beautiful outdoor garden in the back! I treated myself to this diffuser that has been on my wishlist for a long time. Last night we diffused this oil and my bedroom smelled amazing! GOOP 4 Bay St, Sag Harbor, NY

For buried treasure stop in Bloom: I couldn't find a website for this gem but trust me, its a must visit. The picture above was shot in the back cottage. BLOOM 43 Madison St, Sag Harbor, NY

Dinner at Dopo La Spiaggia: If you want to be instantly transported somewhere else for a romantic dinner this is the spot. We took the kids this weekend and although it wouldn’t be my first choice for a family dinner we had the best time! They were so accommodating (no children’s menu but they made them what we asked for) and brought out our meals really quickly. Highly recommend the branzino:) Dopo La Spiaggia 6 Bay St, Sag Harbor, NY

Stay at Baron’s Cove: Frank and I first stayed at Baron’s Cove for their inaugural weekend 4 years ago! They opened for Memorial Day and we took baby Luke to celebrate our anniversary. We had the BEST time! Since then we’ve returned 2 additional times and have always been impressed. I find the pricing to be extremely fair for the Hamptons and the amenities and service are excellent. Its also VERY family friendly: walking distance to the town of Sag Harbor, access to the hotel’s bicycles, pool, table tennis, gym, massages….(PS this is not sponsored! we are big fans. Baron’s Cove 31 W Water St, Sag Harbor, NY

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get the look





d r e s s e s


wear with — gold necklaces



photo 9.jpg



goop - The impact climate change will have on specialty foods….and by specialty I mean olives and cacao. I use cacao in my smoothie almost every morning. I can’t imagine it just vanishing from my local grocery shelves or tripling in price.

teen vogue - 7 inspiring Greta Thunberg quotes and why teens all over the nation were marching this weekend.

Harper’s Bazaar - Jennifer Lopez wows the Milan runway in her famous Versace dress…but something is missing….

Washington Post - Flying somewhere? This may make you think twice about washing your hands in an in-flight lavatory. Experts advice? skip the cup of joe and bring a hand sanitizer.


One of my favorite websites for shopping designer clothes at a discount is The Outnet. If you’re not familiar, it is a sister company to Net-A-Porter, one of the world’s top online destinations for high-end fashion. It used to be that their inventory was only from season’s past, but more recently I’ve been finding pieces that are current. They also have their own line, Iris & Ink which is comprised of well-designed and well-priced apparel and accessories. Check it out:


Climate - It is my hope that Greta Thunberg’s name becomes a household one, and fast. That will mean that in homes across the United States families will be talking about global climate change and the 16 year-old activist trying to save the world. I first heard about Greta last week - a young girl from Sweden who had just arrived in New York after a 17 day (carbon emission free) boat ride across the Atlantic. she is not entertaining any excuses and nothing can stand in the way of the change she says must happen. See her here on Trevor Noah just after her arrival at the beginning of the month. I’ve included another video below of her speaking at the United Nations Climate Summit in Poland last year. The first time I watched it I was in awe. I won’t pretend that i’m going to change my life overnight because I’m not, I can’t. But I will commit to educating myself from this day forward and trying to make adjustments to my life to reduce our carbon footprint. I hope that listening to Greta will encourage you to do the same.

Eco-friendly sneakers - A low carbon footprint isn’t just about the gas we put in our cars. Today, fashion brands are focusing on creating goods that look good, are priced well, and are environmentally friendly. Check out these sneakers. They’re made from traceable New Zealand wool with laces that are 100% post consumer recycled polyester. I bought these for Luke last September and he wore them for the entire year (to school, almost everyday). They are machine washable!

Halloween - I don’t usually like to speak about holidays prematurely but considering its almost October I feel it is appropriate to share with you this awesome destination for Halloween costumes. Did you know H&M sells them?

w h e r e

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately - friendships now that i’m a thirty-something mom with two kids, more jobs than I can count at times, and a marriage that I’m constantly trying to figure out how to carve out special time for. Actually, I’m trying to figure out how to carve out more time for all of those things! So if thats the case, then where do friendships come in? Especially for someone like me who places so much value on true friendships - the good stuff, ride or die girls, your chosen family. In an age where being “social” can be defined by likes and comments (which don’t count as communication by the way), what do we do if we crave more? Today I wanted to share what I’ve learned about friendships in my late 20’s and early 30’s and I asked my best friend Virginia to weigh in as well. She brings up an important point. Not only are these relationships impacting us positively or negatively, our children are watching and mirroring what we do. If I’ve figured out anything at this stage its this, that quality over quantity wins.


f r i e n d s h i p

don’t sweat the small stuff

After three decades of life on this earth, we’re all a little quirky, we have our things and thats OK. it makes life more interesting.

talk about how you feel

If something she said hurt you - tell her! The foundation of any real relationship is honesty.

the foundation of any real relationship is honesty

Be yourself - obviously this is true with your best friend right? You can tell her anything. I’ve found this is most important when forming new friendships. You don’t have to tell them your life is going down the toilet the first time you have coffee together, but don’t hide behind what you think someone wants to see. Give them a chance to get to know you and prove that they don’t care about the bells and whistles. This is what I look for in a friend - someone who can come over when my house is a mess, i’m still in my pajamas with no makeup on, and just hang out. No judgements, just love.


We are busy. its a fact. in this age of technology and distraction it can be even harder to carve out time to chat on the phone or get together. Prioritize time for one another, even if its just for 30 minutes a week (although Virginia and I would probably die if we only talked 30 minutes a week haha).

its the little things

as i’m writing this i’m thinking to myself, “these can apply to romantic relationships as well!”. Its true, everyone likes a little reminder that they’re loved, and that goes for friends too. If you’re friend lives far away, pop a postcard in the mail. If she’s close? Drop off a pie you picked up at the market, or flowers from the garden. Its so easy to get wrapped up in our lives but if we want to curate long-lasting and fulfilling relationships, we have to put in the time.

A note from Virginia on friendship

I have been very transient in my life. Picking up friends along the way as I moved about the country. Having recently relocated, yet again, I am starting over socially and just beginning to meet new ladies. It’s hard to do this at my age. Most women have long-term friendships in place already. Many don’t feel the “need” for new friends. I’ve never understood this, I love meeting new people, expanding my world view, and always welcome the opportunity to get to know someone. It takes time to build authentic relationships though and it can be lonely at times. It’s imperative for me to stay in touch with those friends who no matter what make the time to invest in my life, as I do in theirs. I once heard you only get about 5 major soul-sister level friendships over the span of your life. The more life I live, the more that handful of women have become my rock.

We as women have the greatest capacity for empathy and care-taking, it’s in our DNA. And yet, it is shocking to me how cruel women can be to one another, especially in social environments. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you absolutely have to be kind. If we could just show each other greater compassion and civility, and not get bogged down in petty superficialities or insecurities; if we could just truly support and root for one another, we as a gender would become stronger and our individual day to day lives would be happier.

We don’t just have to do this for us, we MUST do this for the girls (and boys) we are raising. Our children learn everything by osmosis. Today, mean girl behavior is happening earlier and earlier. Whether it’s our culture evolving or social media, girls are being exposed to mature social dynamics, competitiveness, celebrity culture, materiality, body image issues, anxiety and more so so young and they do not have the emotional intelligence to be able to process it all. We have to teach our girls how to be compassionate, good friends by modeling it for them, because they are watching us. That means not gossiping about that other mom, calling out and celebrating other women’s victories, starting a conversation with the gal standing by herself at the cocktail party, SMILING and saying good morning to EVERYONE at drop off, even if they aren’t in your group of friends and loving those special ride or die girlfriends with everything you’ve got.


A Fall 2019 Capsule Collection.jpg

shirt // denim // sandals (similar) // sunglasses // purse (resale version)



Whether you’re shopping your closet this season and filling in the blanks or doing an overhaul, these pieces are the key to achieving a classically elevated style for Fall and beyond.

FALL 2019 capsule wardrobe // The Girl Guide // Stephanie Trotta.png

o n e

the button-down (all sizes here)

t w o

midi skirt

t h r e e

statement sneaker

f o u r

beige turtleneck

f i v e

a classic tee

s i x

menswear blazer

s e v e n

oversized coat

e i g h t

black boot



The Girl Guide Stephanie Trotta in Nashville.jpeg

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Elle - I love me some good street style - its honestly my favorite way to view fashion…real looks, on real people, in real time. When blogs were just becoming a thing I used to religiously go to a few street style sites based in Stockholm. My favorite one belonged to Caroline Blomst and it was called Caroline’s Mode. Love this round-up of NYFW street style. Click here for Copenhagen’s.

NPR - A super interesting piece. Listen as NPR’s Sam Sanders speaks to influencers as well as journalists covering the industry discussing the rise of this industry and how it is impacting advertising as we once knew it. The most shocking to me? Youtube influencers - 250k for one video? I better get on that haha.

The Business of Fashion - This site requires a subscription but I had to share a recent piece about Stella McCartney. she has long been known for her high fashion and eco-friendly styles both in clothing and in accessories including handbags and footwear mad form vegan leather. McCartney is taking further steps in the fight against climate change and is set to launch a charter at next months United Nations summit in Poland.


i’ve been using this for the last 3 years - I recently had a friend tell me she started using it based on my rec and thought it was the best too. Re-sharing:)


recipe - sheet pan dinner I know, I know its another one-pan chicken dish haha. I swear I cook other dishes! I’m just trying to make life easier for you (and tastier!).

podcast - superwoman by Rebecca Minkoff. In her new podcast, Minkoff interviews women from all backgrounds covering a range of topics impacting women from fundraising to behaviors in the office. Love her insight and the uber interesting guests she’s featured so far!

pet (and basically everything else) cleaning spray - I first discovered this cleaning spray by accident. I was perusing the aisles of Home Goods one evening, looking for everything and nothing at the same time, when I saw an interesting looking bottle in the cleaning section. It said it was a natural and enzyme pet stain remover. I almost never pull the trigger on things like this - I put them in my cart because I don’t want anyone else to grab it, walk around, and almost inevitably edit it out when I get to the register and realize I have accumulated the most random assortment of items that will cost way more than I wanted to spend. Luckily for me (and my rugs, and YOU) I didn’t put this one back. It works on everything. Period.


currently pinning

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o u r p i c a s s o p r i n t

I get so many questions about the francoise Picasso print hanging in our living room. It was a gift from Ralph Lauren when I worked there and was given to me as a print that I later had it framed. She still makes me happy every time I see her.

d e c o r


Moffly Media // september 2019 fashion issue // stephanie trotta

I was beyond excited when I was asked a few months ago to be the guest fashion editor for Moffly media’s September issues. As I drove away from my coffee date with Julee Kaplan, one of the magazine’s chief editors, my excitement soon turned into panic and wondered to myself, “can I do this?”. I quickly talked myself off the ledge and was reassured by a friend that it couldn’t be that different than the content I create here on The Girl Guide {The Lust List and At Any Age}. Well I was right and I was wrong. I was right that I could do it - I’m so happy I was given this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I learned something new and now have a newfound respect for editors - it is HARD WORK. The issues are now available so you can pick them up at your local stockiest or download a digital copy here:)


l i k e a l a d y

delicate and feminine details

s e c r e t g a r d e n

dark florals blossom on the fall runways and into your closets

s h i n e b r i g h t

sorbet-like colors in elegant hues and sleek silhouettes

p a t t e r n p l a y

a little something borrowed from the boys

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H&M mini skirt styled with a brown sweater and Hermes Oran sandals // neutral style // The Girl Guide

t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


The New Yorker - This article is scary - and its not just another piece on climate change. I’ve been asking myself this all the time lately, “How are we going to fix this?”. The answer simply can’t be that we can't. There has to be a way - greed cannot prevail. The world came together and raised 1 BILLION dollars for Notre Dame when it burned, why can’t we do the same for the air that we breathe?

Vogue - OK now this hair trend is really giving me my in the 80’s vibes…will you be trying a hair comb anytime soon?

Town & Country - Anyone else excited about the new Downton Abbey movie? Click to watch a sneak peek of the new film based on the uber popular British television show. Also on my list of must watch movies this year? Little Women!



podcast - Roaming the neighborhood on your bike with the neighbors until dinner time or walking to the local card store to grab a piece of candy or buy a magazine with the money you saved from your chores that week - this is not the norm anymore. But it was for me when I was 10 years old. What would happen if a mother let her 10 and 7 year old daughters walk 20 minutes each way to the local shopping center? In many states she could be reported and arrested. What has happened in our society that this is no longer OK? That raising independent children is now seemingly impossible. Being well-rounded is now a product of how many after school activities you’re in instead of how you handle yourself on the playground when there are no adults around. In this recent goop podcast, Esther Wojciciki claims that our world is not as dangerous as we think it is and we are doing a disservice to our children by not letting them explore, combat boredom on their own, and fend for themselves. The helicopter has become the snow plow (parent) and we are just clearing a path free of all obstacles for our children. As parents we just want the best for our children. I’m struggling with this right now as a mother of two boys. I want to keep things simple but it can be challenging when the world around us is always focused on stimulation.

recipe - You guys know how much I love tea. My bestie sent me this recipe last week and now I have to try it. If you follow me on Instagram (please do haha) stay tuned as I give it a shot on Wednesday night. The temperatures are supposed to cool down a little this week so this sounds like the perfect one pot meal!

white sofa - I always get questions about our white sofa - how do we keep it clean with two boys? We purchased it from One Kings Lane when we moved in and its from their line of Crypton styles. Its the most amazing fabric - stains just stay like beads and wipe or wash right off. They have a great selection at various price points and offer 20% off site wide a few times a year!



Kate Spade - I loved this look from Kate Spade.

Tory Burch - Classic Tory: navy, leather, and feminine silhouettes

Ralph Lauren - Someimtes I think to myself “I wish I was still at RL”….fashion week is definitely one of those times. What I would have given to hang out in Ralph’s Club

Rebecca de Ravenel - simplistic elegance at its finest. Every look is better than the last.

Sea - I felt a little wah wah about SEA’s collection this past Spring. Underwhelming and it just don’t feel like the what we were used to seeing from the designer duo. They’re back…..this dress and this puff sleeve.

Ulla Johnson - I’ve always loved UJ and 2020 Spring doesn’t disappoint. Somehow she is able to stay true to herself and still inject a little newness every season. Love this dress and this entire look ( I would wear pants and top separately but so gorgeous!).

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FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide


d r e s s

c a r d i g a n


FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
FALL STYLE // cozy cardigan paired with a white tunic and tom ford loafers // stephanie trotta //the girl guide
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