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THE GIFT GUIDE - for the boys


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

twelve // thirteen // fourteen

I could have made this gift guide over 100 items!!! Love shopping for BOY presents:) This gift guide is a combination of Luke’s favorite things and some items on our wishlist for the boys this year. This sweeping/cleaning set has resulted in hours of self-play and recently Harry has loved this pushing this shopping cart around. This is one of my go-to sites for finding interesting toys and home items for kids and babies. They also have great parenting articles. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for boys (and girls) and actually adults love these too…click here. You can NEVER have enough!





jojomamanbebe-boys sweater

Let me tell you a little story about shopping for my boys! A few months ago I started looking for special occasion outfits for two weddings we had in September and early October. For Luke, both required that he wear a tuxedo which after a little research I realized it was going to be much more cost effective (and nicer) to buy. For Harrison I was looking for something a little more sweet and I didn’t love the idea of a baby in a suit. I went to 5 stores and NOTHING! There were so many amazing options for girls but no cold weather dressier looks for boys. I ended up finding a sweet navy corduroy coverall from a local store that I paired with navy socks but I remember thinking, this shouldn’t so hard!!

One of my most frequently requested posts is for boy clothes. I linked my four favorite brands below and will usually mix in a few pieces from Zara and Jacadi every season as well. If you’re a boy mom like me you’ll see it can be really fun to coordinate and also much easier to pass down classic styles!





My go-to for basics. Note: Size DOWN! Everything runs very large


I’m biased because I used to work for this brand but I have to say, the quality is like no other. Being a mom of two boys its worth the investment!


My aunt started buying pieces for Luke from this brand in Belgium and I’ve become a huge fan! Love the classic styles and their fabrics are great - Luke always asks to wear the sweatshirt I linked:)


I started shopping this brand in the Spring and love it! The quality is great and the price point is too!

currently loving


long sleeve cozy tee in cloud // c/o harbor clothing

cross back overalls in sand // c/o harbor clothing

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texture, color, & print

One of my first styling opportunities EVER was with a family looking for help with their Christmas card shoot. I was 26 and working for Ralph Lauren and was very excited to style everyone from the kids to the dogs! They were looking for a classic holiday vibe and wanted to incorporate plaid into every look. At the time I shopped mostly at RL of course and but really wish I had known about this amazing blanket company . For my shoot with the boys I knew I wanted to bring our blanket to the beach. I was nervous about how it would hold up with the kids, stains, beach, etc. Machine washable items are an essential part of #momlife and this blanket did not disappoint:)

I absolutely LOVE these overalls. When I first discovered this account on Instagram I was gushing over all the little girl’s clothing (and also secretly wanting a girl to dress in all the perfectly muted florals and soft cotton). I was also so excited to find that they had equally adorable options for boys. Let me tell you its not easy finding interesting clothing for boys. I usually shop a combination of Zara, H&M, and Petit Bateau but I’m always looking for something original. You have to check out these bloomies! Such a great gift!





don’t wear black

don’t wear sunglasses (ignore the ones where i’m wearing them here!)

don’t stress about getting the perfect shot - shooting with children is NOT easy. Children pick up on your stressed out vibes and will act out.

do pick a place where your family will be happy

do bring snacks - feed the models! I bribed my kids with popcorn for this shoot:)

don’t sweat the small stuff - easier said than done I know but its true. I had this amazing plan to bring the boy’s two ukuleles with us to the beach. I knew they would love having them there and it would be so cute in the pictures. I packed them in our bag but in the chaos that ensued at my house pre-photoshoot, Harrison took them out and I never noticed till we got to the beach. I was SO bummed but had to move on. Even though I still wish we had had them, the kids didn’t know and the pictures still came out great!




long sleeve cozy tee in cloud // c/o harbor clothing

cross back overalls in sand // c/o harbor clothing

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girl guide two-FINAL FILES FULL SIZE-0035.jpg
girl guide two-FINAL FILES FULL SIZE-0025.jpg

Looking back at these pictures I can't believe this was only one year ago. Harry and I look so much younger HEHE! Brooke and I shot these for National Breastfeeding week when Harrison was only three months old and I thought wow, this is so special that I'm documenting this (I had never taken any pics nursing Luke) and I knew I would want to remember these moments one day. I also remember the feeling I had posting this picture on social media. I was so nervous...what were people going to think? So much has changed this year. Thanks to celebrities, influencers, and women speaking out everywhere, we are starting to normalize breastfeeding and its about time! 

About three weeks after this photoshoot we went on a family vacation to Sag Harbor. It was                     very special because my parents, my sister, and her fiancé were also staying in the house we rented. It was walking distance to town which was perfect for two sleep deprived parents getting up at all hours of the night. Harry was 3 months old and I was nursing him (and pumping) every 3-4 hours. What I didn't know was that he was starving. Well not actually starving...but kind of. I don't know if everyone can relate but for me I took nursing very seriously and always took it personally after I had just fed him or I had pumped and someone else fed him and then they would say, "That's not enough, he's still hungry". It bothered me so much. The week we were in the Hamptons it was so hot and I was trying very hard to not become dehydrated. Luke was born in the January so I hadn't run into the same issues when I was nursing him. The early months were the hardest for me because they need so much - it takes everything out of you. Long story short the entire trip Harrison woke up ALL NIGHT LONG: 12pm, 2am, 3am, 5am, 7am....I was a walking zombie. We didn't know what was wrong with him. 

The Monday after we returned home I brought him immediately to the pediatrician. I begged him to help...I remember crying in the office as I recounted all the sleepless nights of our vacation. Within 5 minutes he figured it out. He looked at the bottle of breast milk Harry had been drinking and determined my supply wasn't enough, I couldn't keep up, and we were both suffering. He suggested we start supplementing and I was devastated. How could this be? I nursed Luke exclusively for 9 months and then on and off after that. But I was desperate. The next day we added 8 ounces of formula to our routine and that night he slept through the night - 8 hours straight. I was so happy but also so shocked that I couldn't have figured this out on my own just a week earlier. Where was my mother's intuition?? I wanted to share this story because its ok to get it wrong. Its ok to breastfeed for one year, one day, or to decide its not for you from the get go. We all make mistakes as mother and it can be so hard when all you want is the best for your little one. Formula isn't always the answer but for me it was, and even though it was so hard for me to give up nursing because it wasn't my "plan", it was OK. 



girl guide two-FINAL FILES FULL SIZE-0039.jpg


love what you're wearing while your breastfeeding and after

girl guide two-FINAL FILES FULL SIZE-0047.jpg




BOY MOM! No but really - its a thing:) For as long as I can remember I just knew I was going to have boys. People always ask me if I wish I had a girl and I honestly don't ever think about it that way. I can't imagine a life without my two sweet boys and I feel lucky everyday. Even when they're swinging their baseball bats into the TV and yelling "MOM" over and over again! 

Love this insert. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional "mom gear" thats out there but I love when I find pieces that are both chic and functional. The same brand also sells a tote which I would recommend for any new mom. They wear really well and are a great price point. 

  • Luke's car seat - Easy to clean and move between cars, found it on sale:)

  • Harry's car seat - This was Luke's too! Its lightweight and still going strong for baby #2!

  • Umbrella Stroller

  • Sound Machine - Beware you may become addicted to this too! I can't sleep without one now. They travel really well which is a plus!

  • Diaper Bag - I've blogged about this one before! The insert inside is mission critical for ever mom wanting to stay organized + you can have your monogram hand painted on the outside!





gentleman are not born they are made

always bring an extra pair of underwear

let them wear a different shoe on each foot - the battle will only upset you both and by the end of the week he'll be back to wearing a matching pair

its never too early for a date night (with your son)

they're always on the move - make sure you slow it all down once in a while and enjoy the moment

bless the mess - this is the hardest one for me and my saving grace is the no food, no toys room (with a white sofa) in our house. So far so good!

communicate - every night I tell Luke about my day and then he goes through his. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! Even when I'm so tired I feel like I'm going to fall over! I know this is going to be a big one as he gets older. 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - this was so important for me as a mom working 40+ hrs a week and its a tough one to remember when all you want to do is spend more time with them. One hour of uninterrupted (iPhone free) time over 5 distracted hours. 







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