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Vanity Fair - Courtney Adamo and the bloggers (and photographers) of Byron Bay. This article is so interesting and gives a peek into the seemingly perfect life of this mother of four.

Brene Brown - What Toni Morrison taught me about parenting. On what to do when your children walk into a room, ““Let your face speak what’s in your heart. When they walk in the room my face says I’m glad to see them. It’s just as small as that, you see?”.

NPR - To be honest, I don’t know a lot about guns. Last week I decided the first step for me to help make a difference for myself, family, and community, is going to be educating myself. Here is an article outlining the gun the shooter used in Dayton. I was shocked, and probably naive, to find out there are guides online to building your own similar pistol and how to make it different from a rifle thus making it easier to conceal.

Harvard Medical School - The case for drinking more tea. What are flavonoids and why are they good for your heart and stress prevention?


Sometimes I need to take a taste of my own medicine. When my friends are feeling like they’re in a rut, lost their mojo, or having writer’s block I always advise them to get out there, go somewhere different, and find inspiration. Last Monday I did just that, went into the city, and spent the day soaking everything in. It didn’t take long for ideas to start flowing. I had a few client styling appointments in the middle of the day and normally I should have hopped right on a train and head back home but I was so happy I didn’t. I can’t wait to share August’s content with you and here is a little sneak peak at what I picked up that day:


headbands - this 80’s trend shows no sign of fading. Celebrities and influencers have been sporting headbands for almost a year now and Fall will be no different. As my friend said to me while we were shopping in Zara on Friday, “Once it hits Zara you know its official”. But is it almost over? I for one hope not. I loved wearing headbands as a little girl and fondly remember my Belgian grandmother’s sister wearing a fat black headband with a perfectly pressed white blouse. Want to give it a shot? You don’t need to break the bank with this style! Love this braided one too. Another trend borrowed from the 90’s…my blush scrunchie:)

fohr - if you are an influencer or a brand hiring influencers you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t know about fohr. Click here to view co-founder James Nord’s youtube series, A Drink With James. In it he discusses everything from common questions about Instagram to advice on how to approach working with brands. If you’re not familiar with fohr (in my own words) it was created in an attempt to make the influencer world more fair and equitable for both brands and the bloggers they hire.On the platform, influencers can create a profile and fohr will assess their following on Instagram and rate the authenticity (followers vs bots, etc.). They are constantly adapting to the changing landscape that is social media and recently added “follower testimonials” to profiles. They are anonymous and allow followers to share why they love following a particular influencer. Click here if you would like to comment about me :) {shameless plug}!

ice cream - I’m always on the hunt for dairy free ice cream. Not sorbet, ice-cream. It used to be almost impossible to find but more and more restaurants and ice-cream shops are offering the milk alternative. If you’re in the Hamptons, my favorite destination for vegan soft serve is Buddha Berry in Sag Harbor. If you get lucky you can do a swirl - chocolate coconut and matcha! Here is a recipe for an easy (6-ingredient) dairy free chocolate coffee “nice” cream by half-baked harvest.

fast fashion - the online retailer that is heating up Instagram. I’ve had my eye on this puff sleeve jumpsuit. How cute is this romper and this one?

candle - love potion no 9, my favorite candle, EVER.


Non-stop service to Naples? Let’s go! A new route by United Airlines now makes it easier to get to this ultra desirable destination. I’ve been to Italy once as an adult. When we were 21, Frank and I spent 10 days in the country beginning with Rome. We took a train to Florence where we stayed for three days and ended our vacation in Venice. I would love to go back. We always talk about visiting the Amalfi coast. My best friend just returned from her honeymoon in Positano and the pictures are incredible! Check out the amazing hotel they stayed in, Villa Tre Ville.

Posted on August 11, 2019 .