I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I learned that patience is a VIRTUE after 3+ days with the kiddos sans Frank. I feel like a wimp/failure admitting it but its HARD. Especially when you're not used to being home all the time. Personally, my thought has always been that going to work is easier but I guess its just about what you're used to. And I'm a doer...even though I know I set myself up for crying and meltdowns taking my kids out to lunch at 2pm when they should be napping...we end up having a great time. Sure I'm exhausted today but it was all worth it. At the end of this month I'll be leaving my "corporate" job for something much more flexible (working for myself 100%) but even more challenging. I'm not sure if thill will make me a much more scheduled mom but I have a feeling it will. We shall see!!

I recently received these gorgeous earrings from Hart Haggerty and loved them instantly. I have the beach topknots and love the color. The quality is great and I was shocked when say that they were $58! Since my style is usually pretty classic and simple, I'm always adding a statement earring for a little extra. Whether you're wearing a maxi dress or just a white tee and jeans, a chic earring is the perfect addition for the season. 




Posted on May 14, 2018 .