Its time for some Spring cleaning! Spring felt like it would never arrive but after some warm days last week I was inspired to get a head start. It was the best feeling when I was all done! I haven't completely transformed my closet to warm weather clothes yet with all the fluctuating temperatures but I'm ready. 



Hangers Uniform hangers will instantly transform your closet. I like these velvet ones which come in top/dress and pant. It may feel like an annoyance at first but the result is a clean and modern look that will take your closet up a notch. Step 2? Organize by color! You will thank me when you're getting dressed in the morning and looking for that navy tank you need but can't find. 

Storage Store winter clothes properly. Dry clean or launder in the warmest water possible for each garment (I prefer washing over DC because I can control what I'm cleaning them with. I like these bins but If you don't have a ton of room, these vacuum bags are great for storing under a bed. 

Moths My arch nemesis! Seriously though, after working for Ralph Lauren for 7+ years our family has a fair amount of cashmere in our house. From blankets to baby sweaters I'd say about 50% of it has fallen victim to these pesky bugs. If you want to take the all natural route like I do nothing can guarantee you won't find a hole but here are some products and pointers that will give you your best shot! Never return a sweater to your closet if it smells of perfume. I like this natural alternative to moth balls. If you're a DIY kind of girl I use this lavender to fill up muslin sachets for all the closets. Change twice a year and give the ratchets a little squeeze once and a while to reactivate the lavender scent.    

The One Year Rule My golden rule when it comes to cleaning out a clients closet! If its not a piece that you've reached for in the last 365 days, donate, sell, or toss it. More on this topic in a new closet cleaning post on the blog next week!

Save Your Boxes I know it sounds counterintuitive especially when we're talking about de-cluttering. BUT if you have the space (in an attic or basement) holding on to your designer shoe boxes or handbag dust bags will increase their value for resale.

Other tips and tricks:

  • Remove plastic off dry cleaning bags. Aside from your closet looking aesthetically better, chemicals used in cleaning your garments stay on the plastic and should be discarded. 
  • If you have limited space, store scarves and rolled belts in handbags. It will help maintain the shape of your bags and conserve valuable shelf space. 

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Posted on April 16, 2018 .