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Happy Monday friends:) This is a busy week in the Trotta house…my sister’s wedding is this Saturday! Throughout the week I’ll be in and out of the city seeing my family that is arriving from Belgium and getting some last minute details finalized. The boys and I are in the wedding (Luke is supper excited to be a ring bearer for the 2nd time) and we still have a few stragglers i.e. I need a new pair of shoes and the dress I ordered still hasn’t arrived. We’re heading up to the Berkshires on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and I’m counting the minutes till we’re back there with family and friends. Also fingers crossed but the weather looks good.

Now on to sweater weather. It was 80 degrees in Connecticut yesterday. I took Harry to a farm and we both ended up roasting in our jeans. I just switched over my closet on Friday and contemplated taking a few dresses back out but I know whats going to happen. Next week its going to drop to 50 degrees and we’ll be back in layers. I’ve been getting the funniest texts from clients with pictures of their new sweaters wondering when they’ll be able to wear them.

  • Love the style I’m wearing in today’s post. Fringe and pom poms? SOLD! It was out of stock but restocked now and I also found it here. The color looks different but its listed as the same color.

  • This is one of my favorite sites to pick up new sweater styles. Warning that if you’re sensitive to wool theirs is a little itchy, but I love the styles they have and its a great price point for the design and quality.

  • This style and color is everything right now. Pair with cream cords and boots for a casual thanksgiving dinner or wear running around with the kids with skinny jeans and a flat bootie.




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Posted on October 8, 2018 .