If you haven't already, you must visit this site! I discovered EmersonMade about a year ago and absolutely love everything about it. Husband and Wife duo, Emerson and Ryan split their time between their New Hampshire animal-filled farm, and the Garment District in NYC where all Emerson's creations are made. (They are living my dream by the way!) Her designs are classic and timeless but what makes this site so spectacular are the photographs! Their photojournalistic quality makes you feel like you are shopping directly from a movie set...and you can buy everything! I think it is one of the most creative fashion-related sites I've ever visited...genius.

1. Black and Cream Tuxedo Jacket ($225)
2. WM Silver Dollar dress ($168)
3. Kimchi Pant ($168) Made in the USA!
4. Goldie Pockets Skirt ($188)
5. Little Swimmers print Derby Blouse ($168)

Posted on August 24, 2011 .