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t h e s u n d a y s e c t i o n


Harper’s Bazaar - the founder and fashionista behind weworewhat is re-launching her overall line and I think I’m going to need a pair.

Men’s Health - Frank’s friend from college wrote an article on healing his soul and how it changed the course of his life. Its a must read.

Rolling Stones - July was the hottest month in human history. If this doesn’t make you want to click and read I don’t know what will.


Summer’s not over. Here are a handful of dresses from the uber hot right now brand Reformation that will keep you cool in August and can be layered in September.


diet - “Scientific evidence for the glory of breakfast is scarce. Instead, we should skip it and eat lunch like kings.” A new study out of a German university claims that fasting is not just a claim and can have more long term benefits then we give credit.

recipe - I made this frittata last week for lunch and it was delicious. I bought a package of zoodles from the grocery store which made a simple recipe even easier. If you don’t already have a cast iron skillet I can’t recommend this one enough. The care is a little bit annoying but once you get into a habit its worth it! Don’t wash with soap, add a touch of baking soda and rinse. Then coat with olive oil and store.

living room rug - One of my most requested items from our home is this wool and sisal rug. I originally found it on Amazon three years ago when we moved in. I wanted something that had a natural/sisal look but was also soft. It has held up really well and the wool fibers makes it easier to remove stains. This is my go-to carpet stain remover!



The Vanderbilt - The history of Newport is scandalous! With the gigantic mansions comes even bigger drama and this hotel is no different. Originally built to house a young Vanderbilt’s mistress, it was quickly turned into a YMCA to avoid bad press and embarrassment for the influential family. The hotel was lovely, the staff was attentive, and the location prime - just a five minute walk to the wharf. I highly recommend a cup of morning tea in the courtyard followed by a tour of Rosecliff.

Clarke Cookhouse - We celebrated Tyler Boe’s Fall Collection over dinner at the brand’s favorite spot in Newport. The history of the restaurant is just as rich as its decor and the food was delicious. Heading to Newport for a special occasion? This is a must stop. If you’re doing on a Friday or Saturday night ask to be seated on the summer porch.

Castle Hill Inn - I can only recommend CH for the view. It is stunning. The service, not so much. I guess everyone deserves a second chance but we arrived, immediately ordered hummus and pita and after waiting 50 minutes (you read that right) cancelled our order and left. Not the service I would expect from a Relais & Chateau.

Posted on August 4, 2019 .