Get it While You Still Can! Missoni for Target

I had planned on writing this wonderful post about all the fabulous things you could buy this month from Target's new line by Missoni, but uhhh... IT SOLD OUT... in hours... EVERYWHERE!!!! It seems as though this was a surprise to America's leading retailer and there are no plans for a re-order. Now if you ask me, someone should have predicted that us women would go crazy over a Missoni sweater for $39.99....hmmm I think I see a new job in my midst! All joking aside, there are still a few things available at HURRY!

1. iPhone4 Case ($29.99)

2. Conair Scarf, Hair Clip, and Headband Set ($34.99)

3. Women's Tankini ($29.99)

4. Throw Blanket ($29.99)

5. Dinner Plate ($3.99)

6. Girl's Rain Boots ($29.99)

Posted on September 18, 2011 .