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Happy long weekend! I would LOVE to hear what everyone has planned for this weekend. Luke is out of school for seven days (insert scared face) so I’m trying to get creative with how we can spend our time over the next week. I’m also feeling just a touch under the weather today - probably fighting off what Luke had last week but also very thankful that I’m not bedridden like he was!

I wasn’t going to post sale right now because I feel like I’ve kind of been over sale shopping lately BUT I just had a client ask for a limited roundup of my absolute favorites so I thought I’d share! There actually are some chic wear now and later pieces available and almost all sites will be doing an extra percentage off sale for the holidays weekend. Also insider tip: The Net-A-Porter sale just ended BUT all their inventory will now pop up on their sister discount site The Outnet. Love this jacket!

Also, I popped into Zara yesterday to purchase a tank for a client. They have the best basic spandex styles that are great for layering. Recently I had been taking a break from them for two reasons: ONE, I knew I was going to love the new collection, and TWO, I’ve been trying not to shop a ton of Zara because its not available to link on Liketoknowit. Full transparency! Many of my followers will go to LTK to check for items I’m wearing and when they’re not there it can be frustrating. Whelp! I was right that I would love everything and ended up leaving with this cardigan and this camisole. The cardigan was a MUST. Such great quality in person and looks so expensive (although honestly I wish that the Zara price was under 100).





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Being an entrepreneur can be a scary thing. Actually its pretty much like riding a rollercoaster of emotions everyday and scared is probably one of the most common ones. It took me 5+ years of dreaming and over a year of planning financially until I took the plunge to work for myself. Here is a list of 10 Steps to Launching Your Own Business that I wish I had read when I was planning The Girl Guide. I also like this article titled When Should You Work For Free


I’m a big believer in the high/low dressing mentality meaning, not everything in your closet has to have a 3 to 4 digit price tag. Every week I work with clients to find a balance and a wardrobe that they love but doesn’t break the bank. Jewelry is no different! I always check out this site when I’m shopping for new earrings. I recently ordered this pair (its a pre-order) because I’m a sucker for pretty hearts and I think they’re going to be really popular this Spring/Summer. I also have this pair which is on sale now for $12!!! I wore them all the time last summer including my sister’s bachelorette party in the Hamptons.


I’m always on the hunt for a recipe thats not chicken! My kids love eating salmon so I try to make it at least once a week. I tried this recipe a few days ago and it was delicious! Pair it with roasted potatoes and your family’s favorite vegetable and your golden!


Lets be honest, none of us really have time to flip through a magazine anymore. I’ve chatted with my girlfriends about it and they admit they do almost all of their reading online or will read a book at night in bed. Although I have to agree, my newfound love for taking a bath has me reaching for something other than my phone. If you’re like me and focusing on fewer, better in 2019 this is the magazine to read. It is a healthy mix of lifestyle articles and trends not to mention the fact that you can shop each issue.


I’ve been obsessing over this bag for a little while now. I love that it feels like a summer style but because its leather, you can carry it throughout Spring and Fall as well. I will forever be Pom Pom obsessed!


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Everything you need to know about bone broth from my friends at NIT NOI



I’m so excited to share today’s post with you and introduce you to my friends North and Jillian Shutsharawan. Together they launched Nit Noi Provisions, a Thai bone broth and soup company based in Norwalk, CT. I was over the moon excited when I discovered that they had decided to leave NYC and return home to Fairfield County. If you follow me in Instagram you know how much I love food and even more so how much I love discovering new local spots. Nestled just beyond a loading dock, the Nit Noi kitchen is everything you’d want it to be and more. It feels like home.

The first time I tasted Nit Noi broth I was immediately converted. My two thoughts were ONE, “How have I been living my life without this?” and TWO, “How am I going to incorporate this into my family’s weekly meals?”. Also, I knew that there were health benefits to drinking bone broth but I needed a refresher. I remembered reading this article years ago and found it to be very helpful. I also remember thinking to myself that although it looked great, I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of making it myself. In walks Nit Noi! My favorite is the Tom Kha Gai (available on Fridays only) which is a Thai coconut soup made with pasture-raised chicken bone broth, organic coconut milk, organic chicken breast, mushroom, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, and chili oil, served with a side of bone broth jasmine rice. DELICIOUS! I’m determined to order it enough that they have to call it “The Girl Guide” one day:)




“The real origin of Nit Noi Provisions is on the slopes of Telluride, Colorado, where Jillian and North lived after getting married. Telluride is a very special place, and endless source of inspiration and gratitude, both for the couple and the business.”


Nit Noi FAQ

How long can I store Nit Not Broth?

One week in the fridge, 10 days maximum. Please use your best judgment after a week. It may be stored for up to one year in the freezer, but we recommend using within 6 months. 

How should I use it? 

Drink it in your favorite vessel (mug, bowl, Yeti), season with earthy spices and supplements, use it for soups, rice, stews, stir fry liquid. Please visit our website for recipes and inspiration. 

Why do you freeze it? 

We don’t use any preservatives, concentrates or whatever else is present in commercial broths. We freeze for more functional transport, freshest flavor, and sustainability of nutrient density. 

How do I thaw it? 

The best way to thaw frozen Nit Not is to let it defrost in the refrigerator overnight. For faster defrosting, run the container under cool tap water to loosen the broth block and bring to a simmer in a pan on the stovetop. 

Can I refreeze it? 

Absolutely, we love freezing it in ice cube trays for easy access during future food preparation. 

Where do your bones come from? 

Pastured animals, free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. 

Does your broth contain gluten? Sugar? Dairy? Soy? 

No, no, no,  and no. 

When are you open? 

Our kitchen is open for broth only on Tuesdays, and for broth, noodles and daily specials Wednesday-Friday, 10:30a-3p. We are a full time vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market in the summer (Thursdays) and a bimonthly vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market at Gilbertie’s during the winter (Saturdays). 

How do I get into the Nit Not Kitchen? 

95 Water Street, same building as SoNo Bakery. Please park in either municipal lot and enter through the loading dock. Follow the elephant signs to the kitchen. 

Do you deliver? 

We currently offer delivery to Darien, Westport and Norwalk Wednesday-Friday. If unavailable to accept our delivery, please pre-order and leave a cooler or cooler bag at your door for Calvin. 

Where can I find Nit Not outside of the Westport Farmer’s Market or South Norwalk? 

We’re available at Double L Market in Westport, Mike’s Organic in Stamford, the Village Market in Wilton, Walter Stewart in New Canaan, Fleisher’s Craft Butchery in Westport (veg. broth only), Sport Hill Farm Stand in Easton (seasonal), New Canaan Butcher Shop. 

If you feel our product line would be a good fit for a favorite local business, please let us know! Thank you in advance! 

What does Nit Noi mean? 

Nit Noi means “a little bit” in Thai. `

How can I stay in touch? 

We send a weekly email and pre-order form via email, and/or instragram/Facebook.


“Nit Noi finds it's heart in Bangkok, at a family gathering, surrounded by food. The recipe belongs to North's Grandmother (Khun Yai), who makes the best Guay Teow Gai: rice noodles, chicken, and savory chicken broth enhanced with Thai herbs and spices.

We developed Nit Noi Provisions to offer the highest quality, handcrafted bone broths and meals, created with the care, recipes and wisdom of Khun Yai. 

We are committed to using only local and organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. We're inspired to cook like Khun Yai, from scratch, inherently intuitive, seasonal and delicious.”


Photography by Julia Dags

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Valentine's Day


leather jacket (old Theory, similar here and here) // top c/o BURU // skirt c/o BURU // heels (old Ralph Lauren, similar here and here) // sunglasses Celine // purse Chanel

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day this year

I was recently with a group of moms discussing our relationship with our husbands and tackling the question, “Are we taking care of them?”. At the end of the conversation the consensus was that we all felt we were taking care of our families as a whole, but not specifically the needs of our husbands as an individuals. I think this is a really important topic in an age that is very female focused - Are women being heard? Are women seen as equals? Are our needs being met? While of course the answers to these questions are important, we also don’t want to lose sight of the men in our lives, their feelings, opinions, and needs matter too! Someone brought up the point that they were little boys too once with dreams, hopes, and desires. That really stuck with me as a mom of two boys. I’m putting ever ounce of energy into loving my sons, teaching them, and trying to raise two solid young men who will one day have a family of their own. What would I want their relationship with their spouse to look like?

OK why am I bringing this up? …. Well the topic of Valentine’s Day came up and again we all said ok, if we’re looking at it from the man’s perspective, why do they always have to plan the day? What if we were to plan the perfect date for our husbands and ask what they wanted to do? So this year, thats my plan! It was actually really funny…I immediately sent Frank a note asking him and his response was very specific:) I’m going to keep our plans between us as he is very private but it felt good to ask him what he wanted to do for a change!






Last year my friend Caitlin from The Picket Fence Project created the cutest DIY Valentine’s. This year we decided to partner and share them with our followers! You can see how to assemble them on my stories today and I will also save them to my highlights. To receive the card template via email, please follow instructions on today’s Instagram post!

Here is everything else you will need:

  • Order these fish from Amazon

  • Order this washi tape (this is more than you will ever need but I promise you’ll use it for other things!)

  • Order this string and if you don’t have a hole punch here is a link to that too!





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Ahhh February….January felt a little long me me. Anyone else? I actually didn’t mind it because I felt like I needed a serious reset from the holidays and Fall in general. Today almost feels like the beginning of the year to me. Like another fresh start? Anyway, as we enter this strange period on the East Coast of warm days mixed with snow days, it can be easy to fall in the comfortable leggings and a sweater trap. I’m already sick of my winter boots! I bought this suede Chelsea boot last year and I can’t tell you how well they’ve held up. I’ve worn them in the rain/snow (by accident) and they still look great! Linking them on sale.

This weekend was pretty unscheduled for us…just the way I like it! Yesterday we ended up at Grace Farms for the second Sunday in a row. If you’re local and have kids I really recommend it. We spent a good 5 hours hanging out, walking around the property, eating (the food, while not free is delicious and well priced), and ended the night with some basketball in their incredible gym. All the facilities are free, there is no membership, and its a nice way to spend time with the kids and not feel like you’re doing “kid things”. On Saturdays they offer a children’s craft workshop that I believe is $5. Honestly, even if you live in New York City its worth the trip!

While Frank was watching football last night I was working on an under 100 roundup. I almost always start with H&M and right now they have some really nice new arrivals. I ended up placing an order and decided to share below because I find that they always sell out quickly. I was actually most excited about the children’s home section. I ordered plates, napkins, and cups for Luke’s animal birthday party this Saturday. They’re so adorable and so much better than the Amazon ones I had in my cart! Just praying I receive it all in time:) Stay tuned for an Insta try-on when everything arrives.

In other news….

  • One of my most frequently asked home decor questions for details on the rug in our living room. I found it when we first moved to this house two years go. I wanted something that was neutral but also didn’t break the bank. I originally found the style on Amazon and took a chance! It ended up being perfect and because its a wool/sisal blend it is really soft. It sold out but I recently found it stocked again (still on major sale) here and here! The color we have is light gray but the gray also looks nice.

  • This carpet cleaner is a MUST! Another frequently asked question: how do we keep our light colored rugs so clean? This cleaner was another random find but this time at Home Goods. I decided to try it for pet stains but it works so well on everything! I think maybe its the enzymes? It also smells good!

Hope everyone has a great week!





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This month has been all about investing in fewer, better pieces. From Marie Kondo’s JOY approach to bloggers talking about shopping their own closets, the theme of quality and longevity is everywhere. I was so excited to work on today’s post with a brand that stands for both of these things. Talbots was started over 70 years ago and was founded by a husband and wife duo in New England. They put an ad in The New Yorker! Today they continue to create classic pieces that you can feel good about putting into your closet. JOY! When I prevued the new collection the field jacket was my first choice. I believe that everyone looks good in army green and I love that you can style it back to basically any color. When I was pregnant with Luke I wore a lot of black. Throwing a green field jacket on like this one was the perfect way to break up my look.




t h e s t r i p e d t e e

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect striped tee. Not only is it a wardrobe staple but its one of those pieces you can wear all year round. What I love about this one is the stripe color is a dark indigo and would also pair perfectly with a black leather jacket or blazer. If you’re looking for the more classic vibe, this long sleeved ivory and navy version is perfect.


T H E H I G H - W A I S T E D J E A N

You know that I have a love affair with high-waisted jeans right? These jeggings are amazingly comfortable (I was shocked when I first put them on) and they are the perfect height for a t-shirt tuck. I’m wearing a 2 and find that they run one size bigger than what I’m used to so size down (for reference I’m a 26 in jeans)!


thank you to Talbots for sponsoring this post





I’ve been using this face wash on and off for ten years now. Yes, T-E-N! I first met Tata when she was just starting out and instantly fell in love with her brand. It was the only thing on the market that was that clean and I still love the smell of her products. I recently started using the Rodial C face wash and really like it. One of the things I try to do with my routine is switch things up every month or so. I find that I see better results that way.


apply face oil

This is it. Hands down my favorite face oil and I’ve tried many. The only time I take a break from it is during the very hot summer days but other than that it has been part of my ritual for some time now. During the winter my skin can get so dry and this just helps to not only moisturize but also give me a fresh dewy look. It also makes applying makeup like concealer and cream blush a breeze!



In addition to the Tata moisturizer I also love this one from Voya. The brand is 100% organic and natural and their products are made of seaweed harvested by a family owned farm in Ireland. Again, they smell great and I feel really good about what I’m putting on my face. I never feel “greasy”, just moisturized.



Purchase this lip balm and your lips will thank you (and me)! I use it every night before I go to bed especially in the winter. They also make a tinted version for day but I like to use the original and layer with a tinted gloss!


apply a face mask



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Two weekends ago I headed into the city with my best friend for a girl’s weekend. It is incredible what 36 hours “off the clock” from all work/family responsibilities and obligations can do for you. Since we were going to New York City I contemplated meeting with my photographer for an hour to shoot for the blog but then decided not to. I’m so happy I choose to completely sign off. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until we were there and just walking around without a care in the world. We stayed at the Bowery Hotel which is still one of my favorite NYC hotels. Not only because Frank and I were married there, but because its just a short walk to all of my favorite shops and restaurants in Soho. I always say I judge the quality of a vacation based on the meals I have and this one was no different. On Saturday we had lunch at Cafe Gitane and dinner at Frenchette. Both spots on my list of favorites. On Sunday we made the mistake of not booking a brunch reservation in advance (New Yorkers take their brunches very seriously). We were really hoping to try hotspot and GOOP favorite Le Mercerie but unfortunately our stomachs couldn’t handle the two hour wait. Instead we joined a friend at Soho House which was phenomenal. I realized another thing on this trip - I love creating content. Instagram stories, style posts for the girl guide, board on Pinterest, it all brings me SO much joy. I just felt I needed to say that and thank you all for continuing to visit me here and on Instagram. It means the world to me and I don’t take for granted that I get to do what I love.



frenchette in New York city Stephanie trotta

I highly recommend Frenchette. It was not inexpensive but the creatively delicious food and chic ambiance was worth the price tag. V and I shared an appetizers as well as a main course + fries which were a must!



one of my favorite brands to shop in Belgium just opened a US flagship location in NYC


these boots came home with me and I will always remember this little getaway when I put them on. My favorite way to shop on vacation is to go to many stores, observe, and then pick on special thing!



ba&sh - I love this brand! Originally from Paris, this cult favorite just recently opened its doors in Soho with its first ever US flagship location. Think Isabel Marant meets Ulla Johnson. The classic bohemian style is perfect for achieving the “model off duty” street style look. All of there pieces are unique and versatile… like this dress …throw it on with booties and a biker jacket or sneakers and a trench. Et Voila!

Everlane - My friend Virginia found the perfect Chelsea boot here. It was worth the wait! Yup, you heard that right, when we first arrived we so naively walked right up to the door only to be corrected that there was about a 10 minute wait to enter the store! Well worth it! These are still one of my favorite pairs of denim. The quality and fit can’t be beat at $68.

Cuyana - Popped into Cuyana to get a gift for a friend and discovered their new leather scrunchies. Thinking about the black one in the spring with a white ruffled or eyelet pheasant blouse….Kind of LOVE!

The Real Real - I was blown away by The Real Real retail shopping experience. The shop is beautifully curated and to say I wanted everything is an understatement. Imagine racks and racks of beautiful Celine sweater, saint Laurent lace dresses, and bags you didn’t know you loved. I’ve been on a really tight budget this month after the holidays and Luke and Frank’s birthdays but I fell in LOVE with a pair of Valentino cowboy boots. I tried them on and told the sales associate that I was going to think about it only to have her drop the “they’re an extra 30% off” bomb. Sold! I found the same pair online here. If you find yourself in Soho and this is a must visit. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about leaving your wallet at home!

the bowery hotel bed with bear
view from the bowery hotel the girl guide


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There has been so much talk this month about diets, exercise, juices, a new you, etc. I feel like its ALL I SEE. While its a great reminder after a glutinous holiday season that we need to take care of ourselves, it can feel very overwhelming and it puts the pressure on. At the beginning of the year I decided to start small. In early December Green & Tonic reached out to me about doing one of their 5-day detoxes. I was very familiar with them as I used their programs after having Luke and while pregnant with Harrison. I agreed and once the time came a few weeks ago I was super excited to try it again. I love that G&T calls it a “reset” and not a cleanse because thats exactly what it was for me. After a week I was feeling so great. I drank almost no caffeine and had reduced my chocolate/cookie habit almost in half. Its only been two weeks since I finished but I find myself thinking twice about the high sugar snacks that I love and instead am reaching for a piece of fruit. The other thing I like about it was the mix of juices and real food. Well worth it!

What I realized during the second half of last year was that my mental wellness was just as important as my physical one and to be honest I’ve been spending more of my efforts this month trying to figure out how to achieve that. Now that I spend more time at home with my kids I find myself using every “free” minute (with childcare or after bedtime/during naps) working. In my previous life it was easier to schedule lunches with girlfriends, a 30-minute workout with a trainer, get a manicure, go for a walk around the block alone, etc. Now I feel this pressure to use my time much more wisely and its been a struggle to find moments to decompress. So far I’m finding joy in the little things: a face mask, a chocolate croissant (this conflicts with the above but when it brings me so much joy can it be that bad?), or a bath. As most things are its still a work in progress and I would love to hear from you on things you do to “take a break”!




BREAKFAST I’ve made this recipe a few times and its delicious! Since I can’t eat yogurt in the morning and I’m not a big cereal fan I’m always on the hunt for more interesting breakfast options. Also, if you are looking for a vegan yogurt option, this brand makes theirs with Pili nuts and Cassava fruit. It’s creamy with a little bit of a lime taste. Great with granola and fresh fruit (I don’t love it on its own).

EXERCISE I’ve been on the hunt for a great dance class. I really love dancing to hip-hop and pop/rap (LOL) so when these workout dance classes started popping up on my Instagram I knew I needed to find one in CT. To my surprise there wasn’t a Tracey Anderson-type class out here. Then I received a DM on Instagram about Megan Roup. You can livestream her classes from home and I was shocked…I actually LOVE IT! If I can do it you can. I’m the queen of getting bored while working out and these 30-min classes are great. A few times I’ve muted the TV and blasted my own tunes too:)

NIGHT ROUTINE I’ve never been a bath person. Until this month I could count on one hand the number of baths I’ve taken as an adult. I received this bath soak a few weeks ago and it is amazing. I’m totally addicted! Even if its just for 10 minutes I find the whole experience very relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing.

JUST BECAUSE Adding these to today’s post because its raining today in CT and I just posted these to stories. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect no-fuss rain boot and these are under $30!

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I love wearing silk skirts and luckily for me its been a bit of a trend lately which equals more options. I posted this silk skirt look at the beginning of the season and since I did I’ve probably worn it 10 different times and 5 different ways. I first saw this style online but didn’t order because I thought, “How could it be nice at that price?”. Well I was wrong! Walked into H&M last month and was shocked at the quality (and again at the price) and so excited they had my size. If you don’t see your size keep checking back, I find that people return or exchange and you get a second chance! Here is another style that would be pretty with a black or ivory sweater. I also love this snake style or this burnt orange one paired back to a brown sweater.



shop skirts




shop the look


cold weather essentials

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f e a t u r e d

Its never to early to shop for the beach:) This is always one of my favorite lust lists to do because they’re so happy! I’ve been curled up on the couch in sweats and slippers planning a dream getaway in my ultimate wardrobe. While shopping this week I discovered (yes, taking full credit for this one) a new brand. I absolutely love the style, it reminds me of Loveshackfancy, and I was surprised by the prices. Not inexpensive but definitely competitive given the aesthetic. I love this skirt with a white tee and the olive gladiator sandals. Also, these were the cult favorite shorts last summer. I have a feeling they’re going to be again and I’m thinking over ordering them. They’re high-waisted and this seems to be the perfect go with everything wash. Stay tuned!


PS I’ve received so many questions about my favorite Celine sunglasses and I found them on SUPER sale! Click HERE:)

the sunny side

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IMG_2690 2.JPG






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Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US. This is unfortunately a reality that hits close to home for me. Skin cancer runs in my family. My mom grew up in Belgium and France and recalls summer after summer lathering her skin in oils and laying out with zero protection. From an early age it has always been something that she ingrained in my sister and I - wear sunscreen! But why is it a topic only discussed in the summer? What about the rest of the year? About two months ago I found something that looked suspect on my back and realized I hadn’t gone for my annual skin check in years. I was so mad at myself! I immediately reached out to Dr. Sarah Dolder, a dermatologist with a practice in both Greenwich, CT and Manhattan, for help. Dr. Dolder was born and raised in Australia which basically makes her a sun expert! We originally met at an event through a mutual friend and I instantly loved her! Her calm and reassuring demeanor is exactly what I look for in a doctor.

Fast forward two weeks to my appointment. Dr. Dolder checked my entire body, including my scalp, for anything suspicious. It was fast and painless. Getting an annual check is a crucial part of skin cancer detection. Additionally, checking yourself throughout the year is equally as important. Below you’ll find the ABC’s that Dr. Dolder outlined for me. For most this is nothing new but if you’re like me, you probably could use a refresher. I’ve never discussed a topic like this on my blog before but its something I feel very strongly about and wanted to share.


Coffee break with Dr. Sarah Dolder

Coffee break with Dr. Sarah Dolder

your monthly skin check

the abc’s

a - asymmetry

b - border

c - color

d - diameter

e - evolving lesion

The best way to detect skin cancer early is to be aware of any changes in your skin, abnormalities, or growths. Dr. Dolder advises that you do not check daily because you won’t be able to notice when there is a difference. Instead, check yourself monthly and have a friend or family member check hard to see places like your back.

the essentials

In Dr. Dolder’s office waiting for my skin check

In Dr. Dolder’s office waiting for my skin check


I am not a doctor and this article is based on my own research and opinions. If you need medical advice please contact your physician

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, “mom life” doesn’t have to mean you’re living in spandex everyday. Totally not judging those who do (I get it!) but there are other options:) Below is my simple formula for a chic and still comfortable kid-friendly look. It all starts with a cute coat like this one. Its usually one of the pieces in a closet that my clients will say they’re “saving” for a special occasion. My advice is to ditch the puffer once and a while and feel good in your best coat! A wool wrap coat doesn’t have to break the bank, and I tried rounding up a wide range of price points. Next up, my closet staple the oversized sweater. I love this one and this budget friendly neutral one. My favorite pair of black jeans (probably ever) are these. I have them with the slits but you can also get them without. They’re extremely comfortable and soft and the high waist holds everything in. Note: If you don’t love for your button to be over your belly button, these are not for you!

Short story about my sneakers: I recently wore them on stories and someone asked what color they were. I laughed and responded, “I call the color vintage and stained!”. I bought this pair 14 years ago at a second hand shop on M Street in Washington, DC. They told me they were special because they were made the last year that converse still made their sneaks in the US. Fast forward 3 years a puppy and one day I came home to a half eaten shoe. Needless to say I STILL have them and still wear them all the time. I was psyched when I found this pair online because the color seems to be that same vintage creamy tone that mine are as well as the slightly elevated sole for a little extra cushion. You will thank me!!!











You’ve read all of these before but its such a good reminder. Is it me or has the influx of diet, exercise, and wellness resolutions been louder this year than ever? I’ve been working on lowering my sugar and caffeine intake significantly but lets be honest, I can’t quit them. Instead I’ve set achievable goals: one piece of chocolate a day - I’m Belgian, I can’t give that up - and one caffeinated beverage a day (trying to just do green tea or matcha). I sound like a baby but the last few days have been rough without coffee! Lots of headaches but my stomach has felt SO much better. Priorities:)


A shameless plug for myself but let me tell you, Pinterest saved me a few months ago! I’m a wife, a mom of two, and have a full-time job…there is no time to flip through magazines and travel the world for inspiration. Maybe one day! A girl can dream:) At the end of the summer I was feeling like I was in a little bit of a rut. For some reason I had convinced myself that I should have this endless string of creativity oozing from my brain at all times. And why wasn’t it happening?? Then I re-discovered Pinterest. I don’t use it as frequently as Instagram but to be honest I look at my mood boards and sometimes it is more fufilling than an Insta post.


I LOVE the Goop detox plans. This will be my third year using recipes from the annual menu and I love the one they’ve created for the working girl in 2019. Last year I was addicted to this oatmeal (I sub the pecans for walnuts) and if you have the time this warming morning latte is out of this world!


There are two new trends in shopping that are picking up speed this year: the first is that our generation is starting to care less and less about where they’re purchasing their luxury goods from. This means more business for companies that resell like The Real Real and Tradesy. I’ve recently subscribed to the same line of thinking when shopping for a new handbag. Why pay 5k for this when you can get for less than 2k? I would easily trade a few scratches to have the money back in my pocket for other things. I get it! Also just a note about spending this much on a handbag…when it comes to accessories I’m a serial monogamous and that will never change. I fall in love with a style, think about it for months to a year and once I buy it I use it FOREVER! I talked a little bit about how I’ve had to change my shopping trends because of the blog. Click here for the post.

THE SECOND TREND: Cuyana puts it best, “fewer, better”. The idea that you purchase less frequently and less in general and when you do purchase the consumer is focusing on quality of the item, where it is made, and how long its going to last them. Blogger Meg Hall has taken it as far as a no shop commitment for 2019. She has pledged and started a Facebook support group around not adding anything to her closet for an entire year. I can’t wait to follow along! I’m not sure what this is going to mean for fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M and it will be interesting to see what this means for retail in general. For me the overarching theme is that the consumer is in charge. We are dictating the shopping trends and telling brands how we want to spend our money.

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Do you live on one of these streets? Architectural digest recently did an article on the 30 Most Beautiful Streets in America. We recently visited Beacon, NY and it did not disappoint. My favorite on this list? Nantucket! It is hands down the most charming and magical place I have ever been in the United States.

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The Things I've Learned from my 4 Year Old


t h i s i s f o u r

I started writing this post yesterday but had to stop. I was sobbing looking through pictures and realizing how quickly time had just passed us by. But at the same time it felt like a lifetime ago that Luke was born. How is that? Being a mom is such a magical feeling. It is an exhausting, tireless, and often thankless job people say. I agree with the first two but as I write this I realize how often we are actually thanked by our children. Maybe not in words but in the smiles they give us and the way they look at us. In the last four years Luke has taught me more than I can ever put into words….but I’m going to try:

L I V E in the moment

F I N D joy in the little things

E V E R Y D A Y is a new opportunity to explore

A S K questions


L E A R N how to fall, because then you can learn how to pick yourself back up


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Stephanie Trotta standing on Greenwich Ave wearing Theory

t w e n t y n i n e t e e n

Last year I wrote and created 152 blog posts for The Girl Guide. I was actually pretty surprised by this number and when I started counting I thought it was going to be much less. On this day last year I remember thinking, “This year is going to be IT, I’m going do it, I’m going to become a blogger.” I decided to put everything I had, EVERY single extra moment I had (and even the ones I didn’t have) into this blog. There were multiple reasons why. The biggest one was the fulfillment I got every single time I hit the “publish” button. This was MY space. it didn’t belong to my boss and it didn’t belong to my family. It was a place that I owned all on my own, a sacred space where I could share my dreams, my life, my aspirations, and most importantly a place for me to inspire. The second reason was the more practical one. I was tired of retail. I had worked in essentially the same job for 10 years and it was time for me to move on and to grow. At the beginning of 2018 I was committed to going off on my own because I felt there was no other option. It was make this work or live a life where I only saw my kids, my husband, and my friends on the weekends and we never shared the same schedule. There was only one problem. I was walking away from stability and into the unknown. It also meant taking a huge leap of faith in myself and my potential. The losses would be my own but so would the wins. I’m a dreamer by nature but over the years I’ve also become more practical ( I have my husband to thank for that!). So for the next 6 months I prepared for the next step.

July 1st was the first day of my new life. I’m going to do a blog post dedicated to the other non-blogger part of my business. Saying you’re a stylist can mean so many different things to different people. I get asked a lot about what it means and how it works, so look out for a post about that at the end of the month. For now I want to focus on this space. What I want to grow and what I want to stay the same in 2019. If I’m being honest, its tough out there! Its tough to know what you like and what you want to see more of especially on social media. I find judging my success on likes and comments on a post to be difficult and probably inaccurate. 2018 has mostly been a game of trial and error, going with my gut, and responding to direct message requests on Instagram. I can also be really tough on myself especially when it comes to photos of me. Some might say i’m in the wrong business! This year I want to focus on the small wins and not dwell on the misses. Here are a few focuses for 2019:


I’m putting this at the top of my list because my number one dream” item on my list for the blog in 2019. That being said there are a few housekeeping items I’ll need to do first but my goal for the new year is to publish at least 4 style videos (one for each season).


Half way through last year I started to feel a little uninspired. I was constantly working and not taking anytime to recharge my mind. Before kids I used to flip through magazines and style sections but those days are gone. I rediscovered Pinterest and I love it! It has really helped me get the creative juices flowing when I feel like I’m in a rut. Its also a place where I organize my thoughts.


This year I want to be more transparent about the clothes that I’m wearing. In the past year I have had to significantly change the way I look at my closet. In my pre-Instagram days I was the “investor”, still wearing pieces that I splurged on in High School and college. In Europe, clothes are so much more expensive. Every summer I would buy one or two pieces and wear them for years. Becoming a blogger changed everything. Again, I want to do a bigger post on this, but one of the ways bloggers make money is through affiliate links on our websites and through Instagram. If the clothing we’re wearing is old or no longer available you can’t sell it. This posed quite an issue for me as I wasn’t used to shopping SO much! I had to change my mindset (and my husband’s) and look at things differently. For 2019 my goal is to invest in fewer pieces at the beginning of the season and wear them longer and in more ways. Back to my roots you can say! Also there are three ways I get new clothing: purchase, gifted by a brand, or borrowed from a brand for a shoot. Look out for these mentions in every post moving forward!


As I mentioned above there will be a post on what being a stylist means to me and what I actually DO! I would like to show more of this world but it can be tough because the majority of my clients are private people. I would never betray their trust by putting their homes or lives on social media or on my blog. That being said I’m going to make it a point to ask more because I have recently had a few clients say they’d be open to it.

Lastly I want to thank you, my readers, from the bottom of my heart. Your messages, your likes, and your support means the world to me. I feel so lucky to have this space and that I get to call this my job. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open!



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Leopard is a neutral. There, I said it. No but really think about it….black, browns, tans, and ivory. NEUTRAL! Someone once told me that blondes should never wear leopard. I then showed him a pic of my forever fashion and style inspiration, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, case closed:) There is definitely a way to tastefully wear animal prints. To prevent a fashion misstep, I always suggest limiting yourself to one piece at a time and pairing it back to a monochromatic look. For something more casual, I always suggest denim. I can’t wait to wear this coat back to a white tee and jeans in the Spring! If you’re looking for leopard in a different color palette I love this gray version. Also this pale snow leopard style would be perfect for New Year’s Eve over a sparkly dress or a creamy cashmere sweater. Need help styling your animal print? Send me a note!


a touch of leopard

the girl guide leopard coat



coat // c/o Tyler Boe

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